Myfitnesspal… Pal?

Today after I had dinner with my BFF Dru, I started telling her about my little food log  I don’t know if you all use anything to log your food and exercise, but I thought I’d share just in case you were interested. 

This is what the log looks like:

image image

This is what I ate…Most of it, anyway.  It doesn’t include the 10 Reese’s Pieces or the fixings I put into my little egg muffin things (pepper, tomatoes, dash of cheese) or the Roma tomatoes I had in my salad, but that’s because I was too lazy to type it all in. 

If you use, you know that your calorie goal increases based on the cardio you input each day.   Typically I’m ‘allowed’ 1350 calories to get me through the day, without exercising.  Lots of times I surpass that, because I eat crappy.  Like on margherita pizza night, when three slices of pizza outweighs my daily allowance.  Or when I’m just starving and eat a ton of random crap (aka Reeses Tree…).  Or when I have beers…..and wine. 

Since I started eating way more protein (okay, since last Monday) than bad carbs (cereal, pretzels, bread, etc) I’ve had a ton more energy and also have been eating less, although when you type it all in to this website it seems like a lot.

I also drink a ton of water and pee at least 5 times a day at work.  I try really hard to not have diet coke, but hey, sometimes the day just calls for a diet coke.  I have my coffee in the morning and most days, that’s enough caffeine to get me up and moving. 

The reason I use myfitnesspal is just so I’m aware of everything I’m putting in my mouth, and of course, on busy days or bad days, I don’t use it.  It’s just another tool to keep me accountable for what I’m eating and how much I’m exercising.  Who wants to see different entries of “15 Reese’s Pieces,” “box of nerds,” “Skittles Fun Size, “19 mini Swedish fish”?  It’s easier to stop eating all the junky stuff when you see it in writing. 

At least, it is for me.  (And guess what myfitnesspal?  You often tell me I’ll weigh ____ in five weeks.  Guess what, hasn’t happened you dirty liar.)

I also don’t eat all of this in order from top to bottom.  Sometimes I have a snack in the morning at planning, or one on my way to the gym.  Sometimes I forget to log until I’m going to bed.  And of course, sometimes I forget to log random snacks.

Overall, I know eating healthy is my goal, and I have good days and bad days, and I’m sure there are lots of better foods I could be eating instead of some not so good foods, but it works for me.  

Now… if only that 31 grams of fiber would do the trick, I’d be a happy girl. TMI?



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3 responses to “Myfitnesspal… Pal?

  1. Sarah

    I love myfitnesspal! It helps me be less fat 🙂

  2. Dru

    Mission accomplished! I made the blog. And so did the bowl of black bean soup.

  3. Go into your settings and you can change your meals and add new ones. I have mine set up as Breakfast, Morning Snack, Lunch, Afternoon Snack, Dinner, and Evening Snack. That way you’re snacks aren’t all piled into one area and you can monitor how much you ate when. 🙂

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