Three Random Things Thursday 16

1.  Joran Van der Sloot pled guilty yesterday for killing the Peruvian woman.


He does not look sad.  He does not look sorry.  He apparently acted like he was asleep in court. 

What a freaking waste.  Is there any possible way he can get more than 30 years for this?   What a terrible human being.

2.  There’s a new movie coming out on March 9 …and I am very excited to see it.

Friends With Kids that stars Kristin Wiig (my favorite ever) and Jon Hamm and lots of the other people from Bridesmaids.

How have I never heard about this before today???

friends with kids 

Anyone interested?

3.  I just checked

weather january

At this point in the year, I should have at least one snow day to look forward to.  WHERE’S ALL THE SNOW???

I’m pretty sure the kids need a snow day.



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2 responses to “Three Random Things Thursday 16

  1. The snow is absurd this year. We finally got some snow yesterday so I’m heading up to go skiing in like an hour….for like the first time this year! Usually I’ve been up at least a dozen times by now but they don’t even have the bowls open due to lack of snow! Kinda ridiculous 😦

    PS I’m interested. I loved Bridesmaids so anything with a similar cast has to be funny. Come here and you can see it with me! 🙂

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