Well, I am a  huuuuuuuuuge loser.  I finally got my orthotics yesterday. 


Okay, even though I have four exclamations in the title, I’m not hugely excited about them, yet.  Right now they’re pretty stiff and need to be broken in, and not super comfortable, but I can definitely feel the difference in my arch support.   My PT told me I needed to wear them a little more each day until I get used to them, but no running in them until later this weekend.  I also am supposed to put Vaseline under my socks so I don’t get blisters… so, that sounds fun. 

Eventually I hope they’ll straighten my stride and create a speed demon.  That might be wishful thinking.

I also got a new exercise at PT yesterday called the star squat.  Holy mother it hurts.  It’s basically squats on one leg while moving your other leg in the shape of a star.  I could see and feel the weakness in my hips and quads, and it was not pretty.  I have a lot of work to do to get those suckers up to par.

Last night was also….wait for it… MEXICAN NIGHT!!!!  If you can’t tell, I was excited.  I’ve been craving Mexican food for about a month and finally had my fill.  Unfortunately, all I have is a picture of the remnants.


I am pretty sure I ate at least a basket of chips alone, but isn’t that what going out for free chips and salsa is all about?  Besides the quick service.. we ordered and seriously 95 seconds later our food was on the table.  It took longer to get a beer.   Good food + great convos= amazing girls night.  (It doesn’t hurt that corona lights were thrown in there either.)

This morning I woke up early (not as early as Wednesday, thank you Derby), to go to the gym.  I lost my body pump friends so I decided to  skip my one weight lifting experience a week as well. 

I ran for 30 minutes at a 9 minute pace- most I’ve run in over a month and a half!   I also did the elliptical for 30 minutes, so I’m feeling pretty good right now.  My mileage is so low right now, and I know it’s going to take some work to get it back where it used to be, but it felt great to be able to run and not have to stop after a mile or two.  I’m definitely not going to take it for granted anymore.

Also, in my hour of cardio this morning, I finally got to watch the first episode of the American Shameless.

And it was so much better than the British one.  The characters were actually introduced, so it was much easier to follow, even though the main storyline was the same.


And now, it’s time to teach the girls passing and dribbling in fitness club. 

Happy Friday the 13th! (and a big happy birthday to my cousin Paul!)


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