3 day weekends rule

I love Mondays off.  I really love Mondays off.  It just is so nice knowing that right now (well, when I first started typing this) I’d normally be teaching social studies, but today, I’m sitting on the couch getting ready for the gym.

A few fun things this weekend:

1.  I FINALLY got an actual workout in kickboxing Saturday morning.  I was forced to go by the fave (shocking he’d be the one waking me up early to go workout… usually it’s the other way around!) and was not happy.   When we got there I decided I was going to take my anger out on the bag…and finally I broke a nice sweat.  We also had to do pull ups, which might have been the reason I could barely move my arms yesterday (and I only did 3…), so I had a nice soreness going on.

2.  Yesterday I RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN four whole miles!  I know, sounds lame, right?  It was amaaaaaaaazing.  My legs felt great, my lungs didn’t feel like they were burning in my chest, and I made it four incredible miles.   I am never taking the whole running thing for granted again.  It was awesome.

3.  After the gym I slipped in my new orthotics and have since been wearing them everywhere to try and get used to them.  I can definitely feel a difference in the arch support…and I might even try to workout in them today.  Crazy thought, Kathy, crazy thought.  

First I’ll have to put Vaseline on my feet though… sweet.

4.  One of my BFF’s Kelly came to visit for the week!  She and her boyfriend got in around noon on Saturday, so me made it  to watch the second half of the Kentucky game over a few beers and lunch.  Later Saturday night we all got together for dinner at a famous Richmond restaurant, but one that I’d never been to before- Mamma Zu’s.  Their shtick  is, “We’re going to be really rude and mean to you but our food is that  amazing that you’ll be happy and come back for more.” 

We were a bit apprehensive, especially after when we first walked in, the host just walked away while we were giving our names.  However, we were very lucky in the fact that we had Dru with us, who will make best friends with anyone in less than three minutes. 

It was delicious.  You can make it family style, so we just got a lot of stuff and split it all.  For apps, we had blowfish (!!!) and calamari.  The blowfish was shockingly tasteful.  For dinner, we had spaghetti and meatballs, tuna steak with some sort of delicious sauce, gorgonzola pasta, and some seafood mix and they were all incredible. 




5.  Today after a long workout at the gym (most of the time spent catching up with Kelly while we were on the ellipticals), plus TWO miles in the orthotics (which felt weird, but not terrible), we had lunch at a cute pub downtown where we saw the worst parking job I’ve ever seen in my entire life.


and then drove up to the new Phil’s for their classic vodka limeaids, and our guests were impressed and happy.

I’m finally home now and nursing yet another sore throat.  Does anyone know of any at home remedies to get sore throats (that are not strep) to go away?  Like forever?  Swallowing just hurts right now.


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  1. Evie

    Keep gargling with salt water and if it hurts too much take ibuprofen…warm lemon tea also. Love Mom

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