Three Things Thursday, plus a bunch

1.  I’ve been really busy this week because my friend Kelly has been here, and Robin got here last night!

They’re all leaving for the beach today.  This is one of those sooooooo few times I wish I didn’t have to work.

tern of the century

I know it’s not summer, but going to the beach anytime and having college friend time is amazing.

Can’t the kids teach themselves?

2.  My workouts this week have been kind of random.  Tuesday I woke up super duper early to go to the gym before work.  I ran two miles in my orthotics (which hurt like a B, btw) plus one without.  I biked for a bit before pretending to lift.  I’m going to try and get into that again, so we’ll see how long that lasts. 

Yesterday I ran a full THREE miles in my orthos plus one without.  Then, I went to cycle with my PiC. 

Two things about this: 1.  It’s hard to remember to put Vaseline in your gym bag to rub all over the bottom of your foot, and the orthos haven’t gotten any less tough.  2.  The sub cycle instructor played way too many salsa songs for my liking.  I’d rather cycle to songs I know, so I know when they’re going to end.  Even so, I was a sweaty beast after class. 

3.  Yesterday was an eventful day at school.

  • We used Judy clocks to start teaching time.  What’s a Judy clock?

       My PiC said, “Take out your Judy clocks and show ______.” at least 15 times.  Each time I giggled like an idiot.  You know, my whole love affair with Judy (our made up friend).

judy clock

  • I finally finished my last jar of Pretzel Pizazz.  It was really sad.


  • One of my kids ‘tossed his cookies/ ice cream/ lunch’ all over the place yesterday about five minutes before leaving for the day.  There was a cough, and suddenly there was bright green vomit everywhere.

vom                I think I mumbled, “oh my God” before rushing over and rubbing his back, and deciding it was the weird green ice  cream he ate at lunch.  And then we had a bunch of gaggers, which was also fun.

The day in a life.


Does anyone have anything fun planned this weekend? 



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3 responses to “Three Things Thursday, plus a bunch

  1. That is gross 🙂

    I’m going on a hut trip this weekend! I leave tomorrow so I’m pretty psyched. Have a good weekend!

  2. allison

    gross. i am impressed that you rubbed his back at all, though! I probably would have lysol-ed him and run outta there. i would be such a great teacher!! 🙂 also that hotel thing looks like the beach house on 90210. i hope you see the whole gang at the beach club!

  3. so last night i’m reading about your vomit machine and thinking of some funny quip to share. i decided against it because, well, no one really likes to picture projectile vomiting and you’d suffered enough. but clearly i missed my mark because this morning a child shared her breakfast with my class, right in the middle of carpet time and a stellar lesson (i had all of them sucked in!). it also happened to be the child who is wheelchair-bound, not that she was sitting in it. so my children and i were subjected to a solid 9 minutes of visual and olfactory insult as we waited for the nurse (who said “i can’t get there right this minute” when I called) to come clean her up so she could be put back in her chair and taken to the clinic.
    and for the record, it was also green. so that nixes your theory about the ice cream. we don’t get paid enough… Happy Friday!

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