Cheese Weekend. Girls Weekend.

I love girls weekends.  I do not love waking up Monday morning after girls weekends, so tomorrow is going to be tough. 

Friday after school I headed down south to Corolla, N.C.  I know it’s winter, but beach time anytime is good for me.

First, I had to stop and get the essentials.

corolla essentials

Peach-O’s and coffee.  Well.. Gummy Mellos and coffee. 

I got there around dinner where this was waiting for me.

corolla wine

There were also homemade fish tacos, but I was more interested in the bottle of wine in front of me.  My friends know me all too well.

We ended up paying Balderdash (LOVE this game.  Acervate?  Anyone?) and revisiting our college years through ‘Asshole’.   Although, in college, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t playing with an expensive-r bottle of wine… I’m pretty sure it was something like Icehouse or Natty Light.  I must be getting classier as I get older.

We woke up Saturday to rain and wind and took a nice long walk on the beach…bundled in sweats and gloves. 

corolla beach rain

Luckily, the mile we walked counted as ‘exercise’ before devouring a plate of cheese.  And making homemade cheese sticks.  And homemade cheese quesadillas.  See a pattern here? 

meat cheese

Oh smoked gouda, I could eat you everyday.  Every. Single. Day.

Today I managed a 4.5 mile run in my sweet orthos before driving back to Richmond this afternoon… one short run to pretend I was not a complete fatty all weekend. 


Judy 2k12.  Obviously.


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