Positives and Negatives

Positives and Negatives to my day.

1.  It was a half day for the kids.

Positive:  The kids left at 12:45 and I didn’t have to teach math.

Negative: I had to sit through two hours worth of meetings that could have been done in ten minutes.


2.  Because it was a half day, I got free lunch. 


Negative:  It was CiCi’s pizza.  Kind of gross.

Positive:  Now I know what CiCi’s pizza tastes like and I never want to go back.  Ever.

Negative:  My PiC got food poisoning and may or may not have barfed her guts out.

Positive: I did not barf my guts out.


3.  Wednesday is my long day at the gym.

Positive:  I ran FIVE, count ‘em, FIVE miles in my orthies.  Most since my 8 miles on December 10!

Negative:  The orthies kind of bothered me…still getting used to that arch and everything attached to it.

Positive: I finished another episode of Shamless.

Negative:  That puts me one closer to the end of the season.

Positive:  It’s spin class day!!!  Plus, my favorite instructor is back from surgery!

Negative: Nothing really.  It was an overall great day at the gym.


4.  I finished another Myoplex Lite bar after the gym.

Positive: I love them.  They’re so delicious, and eating only half at a time keeps me full and protein filled.

Negative: I only have one left.  Dang.


5.  Dinner was made by the fave and not me!

steak arugula

Positive:  I’ve been craving some meat.  Non-chicken meat.  Steak and arugula salad = my new favorite.

Negative:  I ate way too much.  Two helpings plus some when cleaning up is too much. Stop eating like a 250lb man, Kathleen.


6.  This was in my inbox. 

st jude

Positive:  Of course I laughed and took a picture.

Negative:  Now I feel guilty for not giving more money to St. Jude.


7.  It’s Wednesday.

Positive:  Week is halfway over.

Negative:  It’s still not Friday.


Did you have any positives or negatives to your day?


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