65 in January?

I’ll take it.

After school I was feeling a little stomach-achy and thought I might perhaps be getting the little stomach bug my PiC has had for the past day (can’t blame it on Cici’s unfortunately), I forced myself out the door to run because, hey, it was 65 degrees outside.  No way I was going to waste that delicious sunshine in the gym or asleep in my bed or puking in the toilet. 

I forgot how much harder running outside is…and how much more  I like it, despite not being able to watch TV. 

I ran 5.2 miles in 44 minutes… my longest and fastest run in about two months.  And it was awesome, besides the fact that my legs felt like concrete and my orthos were digging into  my arches.  But great news- I got to use my Garmin for the first time this year, which was super exciting. 

I was also successful in not tripping/ falling/ injuring myself, although there was a little stick that got in my way once. 

After my run I sat on the couch for a few before heading back out to dodgeball. 

This is me last week, clearly looking like a total and complete dummy.


Luckily, because my team is Kentucky blue (serious win for me) I wore a UK tshirt last week. 

Tonight, we got killed.   I did absolutely nothing productive to assist my team in trying to win… and, if you can imagine a bunch of ‘roided up men throwing balls at each other as hard as possible… you can also imagine a fight.  In all my years of dodgeball (this is 4), I’ve never actually seen a bench clearing beat down but tonight  it definitely came close.  I huddled myself in the corner and stayed out of it.  Thankfully, because have you seen my guns lately?

After losing horrendously, I was ready for some dinner and a beer, so I met my friend Leah at my favorite spot, Joe’s Inn. 

It’s seriously my favorite.  If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that they make homemade feta.  HOMEMADE FETA.  I still can’t get over how delicious it is.   I actually brought the extra from my dinner home.  Weird… but it’s so good.

Anyway, in other news of my day, we got free donuts at work.

blueberry donut

Is there ever going to be a day where someone gives me free donuts and I actually eat them all?  Like, the whole donut? Because today I had one amazing bite that cost me at least 100 calories.

Speaking of 100 calories, I also tried one of these today.

apple vitatop

They’re marketed as being 100 delicious calories with 8 grams of fiber and 3 grams of protein and organic sugar.  Well, they might look like a tiny apple muffin top, but they do not taste like one.  I’ve read a lot of good things about them, but I am not impressed.  Maybe the chocolate ones are better, but I was really sad that these weren’t even worth the 100 calories.  I had to throw it away, and typically I can stomach anything that includes any type of carb.

It’s Thursday night and I’ve got nothing on the agenda for the weekend except some snuggling with the Derbster and the fave and movies and wine.  Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?



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2 responses to “65 in January?

  1. Um, how do you NOT eat the whole donut? That is serious willpower!!

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