Three Things Thursday 18… I think

1.  I’ve been eyeing the new colored denim jeans.

colored jean

Here’s the thing.  I’m almost 00% positive I cannot pull them off.  I’m not fashionable, I’m not hip, and I often get made fun of because I happen to wear cardigans.  A lot.



2. I’ve always said I will never, ever, ever go on a cruise. 

Yes, the thought of an unlimited buffet of any kind of food I could ever want or eat does appeal to me, however, I’d rather not be stuck on a floating piece of metal with two- four thousand strangers.

Now I definitely will never go on a cruse.  Hearing about the Concordia disaster and missing people and the dumb captain really just is the nail in the coffin (bad analogy?).

cruise ship crash

So don’t try and surprise me with any cruises


3.  I just got my W-2 form this past week. 


I really make no money.   And that includes the tutoring and summer school I taught last year. 

It’s sad, really. 

So, maybe I’ll try and get those taxes done this weekend.  Maybe this year will be the year I get some good money back.  But based on the past 3 years of living in Virginia… probably not.

Does anyone else feel this way come tax season?



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8 responses to “Three Things Thursday 18… I think

  1. Colored jeans do not need to be on my ass. Ever. I do not need a beacon signaling people to look at it either with a pop of color.
    Cruises are fun! Although, after 3 days, I’m ready to get off so I don’t go longer than that. My last cruise had tons of healthy food options too and light menus in the restaurants. Also, your chances of being in a wreck in a car is way higher than on a cruise.

    • Good point about the whole wreck thing. I think a 3 day cruise would make more sense than a full week… Just think of all the ‘free’ food you can eat in that amount of time!

  2. I could never pull those jeans off! It took me a long time just to wear skinny jeans! Some people can pull off these looks and look adorable (like my bff) and some cannot. I fall into the latter category 🙂

    I love taxes simply because I’m still a student paying thousands for my grad degree. Basically, it means I get lots back every year..ask me 2 years from now when I get no tax money back and am paying student loans out the ying yang, and I won’t be quite as chipper!

  3. Sarah Chittum

    colored jeans are back? uf. these remind me of the sweet periwinkle jeans i had in sixth grade that i used to pair with my britches rugby shirt. throw in the headgear that i had in 1991 and that is a look that should remain safely tucked away in the archives.

    • I always wore those matching sweatsuits… you know, the ones that went ‘swish, swish, swish’ whenever you walked? I vividly remember a hand me down from my friend Kara that had cows on it.
      Needless to say, I think it’s why my fashion sense today is terrible.

  4. Totally agree. Taxes are so complicated and I don’t even understand where to start…

  5. EAS

    Go for the colored jeans…I didn’t think I could pull them off but got them anyway! xx

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