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the sweat pink giveaway!  Ends tomorrow at 9pm est.

Yesterday was a teacher work day (yay no kids!!) so I was able to get up before school at a non- ungodly hour (6am) and go to the gym before putting in my hours for the day. 

It was awesome.  “Sleeping in” never felt so good.  Although…when I got to the gym it was packed.  Packed like a fraternity basement during Greek week.  No treadmills.  No bikes.  No room. 

Luckily, there were a few red ellipticals ready for me. 

arc trainer

I warmed up with 15 minutes on the elliptical before running 3 miles and cooling down with 10 minutes on the bike.  Again, I had ADD when it came to choosing something and sticking with it.  Luckily I had Shamless to keep me company.  I only have 20 minutes left in the ENTIRE SEASON.  It’s very sad.  After my cardio I realized it was light outside and I should probably go…so I rushed through my abs and skipped an arm circuit.  I know, real tough for me to skip something like arms. 


School was full of report cards, cleaning, organizing, grading, planning, and everything else that falls into the job description of “teacher”.   Busy day, but my reward was getting to go OUT to lunch like the rest of America can during the week.  It’s crazy how nice it is to be able to leave for a couple of minutes. 


After work I was my incredibly nice and thoughtful self and ran out to get some things for the fave’s bathrooms.  I figure if I just go buy it and set it all up without having him tell me no immediately, I actually had a chance of everything staying.

If I do say so myself, it looks pretty darn good.  And I think he’s going to like it… and finally, the bathroom will have COLOR!

I know, it’s so exciting.  I am a grown-up and I get excited about silly things like bathroom colors. 


Anyway, in other news and a question I have for you,on Sunday the fave and I had an argument/ disagreement/ not productive conversation about calories burned on machines at the gym.

Do you believe the machines at the gym or do you think they’re a bit high?  The treadmill says I burn 120 calories per mile, but myfitnesspal says it’s around 90.  I mean, that’s 30 full calories per mile that I used to think I was burning! 

What do you think?  Are the machines correct when you enter your weight?



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4 responses to “Don’t forget to enter…

  1. Dru

    The machines are always high. My HR monitor puts me around 100 cals per mile and the machine is always 20 over.

  2. Machines are definitely high! Although, when I run hills on the tm, it is usually low for me when compared to my hr monitor 🙂

  3. Sarah

    No unfortunately they’re absolutely off. U should definitely splurge on a heart rate monitor, with a chest strap. IMHO. ;). I’m lost without mine!!!

  4. Machines are definitely high! I think ellipticals are the worst offenders. I don’t even really pay attention to what they say, except to measure my own progress against previous workouts. It’s a bummer, I know 😦

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