Cat? Anyone?

Well… it looks like I’m going to finally give in to Derby’s single and most important desire:  more food.

She’s really been enjoying waking me up at 3:30am for breakfast…after which I can no longer fall asleep.  

So, I’m giving in.  I am feeding her more in hopes of more beauty sleep for me.  

I guess I’d rather have an obese cat than one that is constantly yowling like a hungry baby. 

Derby’s life consists of eating, sleeping, and looking for food in the apartment.  That’s it.  There are no other interests.  Except this:

derby cat

Yowling, pacing and lunging at the window.  To get the other cat.  On the outside of the glass.  In the middle of the night.

Needless to say, Derby and I are not besties right now.  In fact, we’re not even acquaintances.   I’m shunning her for ruining my sleep and she’s shunning me for not feeding her 17lbs of food a day.

Anyone want to cat sit?  Or train her to stop being so hungry?

In other, non- cat lady related news, the fave and I tried a new restaurant last night.  New to us, at least. 


MeKong.  Specializing in Vietnamese cuisine and BELGIAN beer.  Random. 

So, I did what I did best.  I ordered Pho something or other and beer.  Except the beer I got is made here in Richmond… whoops.  Props to Hardywood Park Brewery located just a mile away for making a delicious Singel Belgian Abbey-style blonde ale.  Hey, it’s Belgian style, plus I started watching Downton Abbey yesterday, soooo it all fits together, right?

It was really good.  My Pho Bowl was at least two meals full, so I had the rest tonight for dinner.  I love delicious leftovers.

pho bowl

Speaking of food, today after school my team and I hosted a baby shower for our friend Kristal.  Hello food/ sugar/ icing coma. 

baby shower food

I ate a bunch of fruit during the shower and tried my best to stay away from the cake… buuuuuut plans change.  Especially when you’re cleaning up and there’s not many people around to judge you for licking frosting off the serving spoon.  At one point my PiC walked in the library and caught me scraping the icing off my cake.  And the pudding in the middle.  It was kind of embarrassing. 

Have you ever had a huge Costco cake?  The kind with the delicious icing and pudding cream filling? 


It is heaven.  And, I had at least a cup of icing scraped off the bottom of the pan.  SO. GOOD.

On the bright side, I stayed away from the 467 calorie/ 36g of fat per serving buffalo chicken dip…which might have been the worst part of my day.  Not that I didn’t eat it, but that I found out that last time I ate it I had at least 2,000 calories in dip alone.  So sad. 

Make me feel better…what have you eaten that’s been 100% non nutritious lately?  Am I the only one?



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4 responses to “Cat? Anyone?

  1. Um, remember that pan of lemon blueberry cheesecake bars I made this weekend? It’s all gone. And I live alone. Therefore, I ate the whole damn thing.

    Feel better?!

  2. You left out the part when I walked up to you scraping the icing off of your cake and swiped the entire, delicious, glorious pudding middle off of your plate. I don’t regret it a bit.

    • I didn’t want to out you on the internet. I had it in there, but I took it out because I didn’t want you telling everyone how many sugar calories I put into my mouth everyday. tamales, malted milk balls, skittles.

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