Three Things Thursday Winners!

1.  Well, it’s time to announce the three winners for the Sweat Pink gear!

    • #7- Leah
    • #12- Sarah
    • #11- Brandi

Congratulations!  Thanks for entering!   Email me at and I’ll get you those tanks and laces! 


2.  It’s Groundhog Day.


True.  Although I can’t decide if I’d like a few snow days or just skip ahead to 60 degree weather. 

Based on the 7 day forecast, it looks like winter might be over…no matter what the groundhog says.


3.  Soooooo McDonalds is dropping the ‘pink slime’ (ammonium hydroxide) that’s not only a chemical used in fertilizers, but also an ingredient in MickeyD’s hamburgers.


So gross. 

Here’s where I have the problem… I love McDonalds cheeseburgers.  In fact, there was a day not too long ago after a country concert when I consumed at least 4 (possibly more) during the course of the day.  Possibly more.  Sometimes beer makes you hungry.  How much pink slime did I eat???

Oh but they tasted sooooooo good.



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8 responses to “Three Things Thursday Winners!

  1. Evie

    Yuck….and I think the drawing was fixed…who needs motivation to exercise and I was counting on those pink shoelaces? Guess I won’t exercise now. Love Mom

    • not fixed I swear! I don’t even know one of the girls 🙂 Guess what- I have some extra pink shoelaces… and they’re all yours. Guess you need to get with that personal trainer sometime soon… ha!

      • Maggie

        Big timer…people on your blog you don’t even know? My LexCath yearbooks with your signature just went up a bit in value.

  2. Sarah Chittum

    Woooohooo! I can’t wait to put my new shoelaces in my new shoes. They’re going to be so pretty. Thanks!

  3. I”m distraught. I needed that tank like you don’t even know! 🙂

    I feel ya on the McDonalds–when I do decide to splurge, I will eat a cheeseburger there…hmmmm

  4. Yay I’m so excited! I never win anything. I hope I look as cute as you in the tank and laces!

  5. Congrats, Leah, Brandi, and Sarah! We can’t wait to send you some Sweat Pink gear 🙂

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