Super Weekend

Weekend Workouts

  • Friday- 7 mile ruuuuuuuuun!!!!!!!!!! – 61 minutes.  No foot pain, no orthie pain.  My legs were definitely sore and it was definitely a challenge, but the main thing is, no pain!    Plus- my morning circuit and 30 minutes of FUN zumba at fitness club!
  • Saturday- no running… staying safe 🙂  35 minutes on the red elliptical and 15 minutes bike, plus abs and a few leg machines.
  • Sunday- 4.5 mile run—39 minutes, felt strong, like I could have kept going but I didn’t want to risk overdoing it… and, again, orthies didn’t hurt!  15 minute circuit that included 2 sets of:
  • 30 alternating bicep curls
  • 20 triceps extensions
  • 20 overhead triceps
  • 15 front lateral raises
  • 15 side lateral raises
  • 20 shoulder press (I seriously suck at these)
  • 20 pushups

I know I’m not doing a ton of weight training, but I’m really trying hard to incorporate more into my workouts—as I’ve gotten more knowledgeable, I realize that cardio isn’t the only thing I need to be doing during my workouts.  So, as little as these circuits are, at least I’m doing them, right?  I’ll build up some strength, right?

Back up to Friday morning at Fitness Club.  Holy zumba, you are so fun.  About 15-20 of the teachers at our school joined in the zumba session which was a blast!  The teacher is from a local YMCA and coming every Friday for our girls, and boy did she look intimidating…. like- I look like I’m a badass in the army/ marines/ anything awesome and I can kill you with my biceps.  She turned out to be really fun and a great instructor for the girls. 

The girls took a few minutes to warm up to the idea of looking like funny little uncoordinated dancers (they’re at the “I’m cool and don’t want to look stupid” stage), but I think it helped that a bunch of their teachers came and were looking equally uncoordinated, if not more.  I know that I looked incredibly awkward, but the good news is, I loved it and so did most of the girls!  It was a great workout and definitely got my heart rate up.  I’m not sure I’m ready for an actual zumba class at a gym with adults I do not know… but I think I’m going to enjoy our Friday morning sessions.

In non-workout news, the weekend has been pretty calm.  I made homemade broccoli cheese soup Friday for dinner using the recipe from pbfingers.  It was delicious and filling, and a great way to use up 1/5 of my 3lb bag of Costco broccoli.  My students should thank me, because I’d been eating steamed broccoli for lunch everyday and it smelled up the classroom… sorry kids!

As you know, it’s February.  It doesn’t seem like the weather and plants got the memo.

february flowers

Blooming flowers in the backyard…   I am such a fan of this weather!   Keep it up, Richmond, keep it up.

Now I’m off to finish my taxes (oh Virginia why on earth do I always owe you money????), and clean my apartment before eating my face off during the superbowl!



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3 responses to “Super Weekend

  1. Evie

    I walked a mile today! And your soup sounds delicious!
    Love, Mom

  2. Come visit here–all the shrubs are buried under 2 feet of snow!

    My friend wants to try a Zumba class but I always kinda laugh at it 🙂 I danced for such a long time that I’m not sure whether I’d like it or not? I did promise her I’d go with her, so I’m sensing zumba in my future!

    Glad you had such a great weekend!

    • The snow looks beautiful! Sadly, it does not seem like we are getting any white stuff anytime soon!
      Zumba was really fun… I’d never go to a real class without a friend though! Hope you had a good weekend… Blueberry cheesecake bars will be made this week.. got all the ingredients!

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