Sugar Free = Calorie Free? I wish.

Woah.  Saw these at CVS yesterday.

sugar free reeses


I almost got them… but I resisted when I saw that just because they’re sugar free, it doesn’t mean they’re calorie free.  Dang.  Five of these little cups still have 180 calories… and times that by 3= goodbye bag plus 600 unnecessary calories, all for a sugar free (and probably not as delicious) version.  Will there just be a time where downing a bag of these will not make me guilty?

Probably not.

My workout (prior to salivating all over the sugar free Reese’s) was a nice 5 mile run and a 15 minute bike ride plus abs.  It felt good to get moving and work up a sweat… buuuuuuuuut then I was back on the couch watching Bravo.  Thank you for airing dumb reality television all day long.

I tried to make the most of my Sunday, but mainly I sat on the couch, laid in bed, read a book, snacked on everything in sight, and snuggled with Derby.

The only thing worth mentioning is this big ol green monster.

green smoothie

Super smoothie made with 1 banana, 1 cup of almond milk, 2 scoops of Aria vanilla protein powder, 2 handfuls of spinach and a bunch of ice cubes… tastes just like a banana milkshake.  Okay, maybe it’s not as good as a real one, but it’s filling and delicious and was a good afternoon treat (you know, because I worked so hard all day long).

I tried to rest up- there’s a full five day work week ahead that’s full of 2nd quarter benchmarks (blah) and Valentine’s Day craziness.  Oh, and a poetry slam and a concert… the fun always continues in 3rd grade!

Do you have any exciting things going on this week? 



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2 responses to “Sugar Free = Calorie Free? I wish.

  1. Does my thesis count?!

    I actually had my first ever blogger meetup! Tons of fun but bizarre in that I-just-met-strangers kind of way!

  2. SUGAR FREE REESE’S CUPS???!!!! I must try those! I wonder if they taste as good? Yeah, and if the taste is worth probably not saving that many calories?

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