Sweets Overload

Yesterday started out with an early morning workout… to prepare my body for the sugary treats that were sure to come.

I did about 35 minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes on the bike, plus a short 15 minute arm/ abs circuit.  I was feeling pretty sore after my speedy run on Monday, but it felt really good to get moving first thing in the morning. 

However, it did reeeeally suck to not have anything to watch on my Kindle.  I forgot how boring just ellipticizing can be. Especially when you grab a magazine that you’ve already read… my bad.  Demi, I’m so tired of hearing about you and rehab.

After my workout, I got ready for the day…and was greeted with chocolaty goodness on my desk.

vday desk 

Then, I ate this.

vday cupcake

And then I ate about 12 Hershey kisses, 1/2 of a cookies and cream bar, a handful of skittles, and some homemade cupcakes that I made later after work.

Needless to say… sugar overload.  My stomach hurt, yet I kept eating more.  Terrible cycle.

I met up with my mom after work since she was in town and had a blue plate special dinner at 4:30pm.  Don’t worry, I acknowledge that it was a bit early… but it was perfect.  It was delicious, and it was salad and it was healthy and I felt a little better about myself.  It was also great to see my mom and catch up for a bit before her drive back to Washington.

And then I got home and poured some wine and got into fat clothes and settled in to snuggle with Derby… and there was a knock on my door.  People don’t usually come to my back door so I was kind of nervous…

Guess who came home a day early??  My fave!!!

Plus, he came bearing gifts- wine, pizza, and flowers… perfection.

vday flowers

I was so excited I almost cried.  Perfect Valentine’s day… pizza, fave, and couch time.  What more could you ever want?


How was your Valentine’s day?  Did you do anything special?



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3 responses to “Sweets Overload

  1. Awww, that is awesome! So glad you had a nice V-day 🙂 I didn’t do anything other than drink some wine and watch True Blood!

  2. Look at that loot! Your kiddies love you!
    Sounds like the perfect Valentine’s day 🙂

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