Three Things Thursday 20

1.  Valentine’s Day was not only a day of eating your weight in chocolate and sweets… it was also the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. 

dog show

I’m not sure what this little thing is called but Derby could definitely eat her in three bites.  And Derby’s prettier.  She should have won.


2.  Clearly I’m doing a great job at my job.

vday card

Spelling isn’t important in my classroom.  Thank goodness.


3.  Thanks to, I know that today is National Almond Day.  Yep, I’ll have some almonds today.

More importantly, Saturday is National Wine Day. 

national wine day

It’s on the calendar.  Penciled in… in sharpie. 

Anyone else going to celebrate National Wine Day with me?



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5 responses to “Three Things Thursday 20

  1. Of course I am celebrating National Wine Day on Saturday! Love your blog! Miss you!

  2. Sarah

    i’m not a wino (like YOU hahaha) but my ex husband IS driving me to drink. very soon.

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