Thankful for Fridays.

And 3 day weekends. 

The past couple of days have been super stressful and busy at school.  The kids have been taking their benchmark tests and it’s stressful for them and for us teachers.  It’s kind of like… “Um… did we teach you anything?  Oh wait, please don’t fall asleep while testing.  You know you’re supposed to read it, right?”

I saw this and laughed…and it’s totally true.


I’ve been trying to steer my stress in the right direction (read: the non-candy dominating direction), but I may or may not have eaten a few filled chocolate truffles.  And M&Ms.  And skittles.

However, I’ve also made it to the gym, so that kind of offsets my terrible sugar eating, right?

Wednesday, I had a nice 5 mile run.  I wasn’t going for speed or for distance, and it felt great to not have to worry about anything.  Just run.  No pressure.   I also did 15 minutes on the bike before doing 15 minutes of abs as well.

Thursdays are usually my day off, but I really needed to get some energy out (it gets a tiny bit boring watching kids take tests all day long…), so I just did a little easy 45 minutes on the elliptical and abs.  I didn’t want to strain my muscles because I had dodgeball later Thursday night. 

Just kidding.  I suck at dodgeball.  It’s 100% apparent when all I do is wander around on the court looking like an idiot.

This morning I decided to start my day with a 9 mile run.  Ambitious?  Yep. 

Done?  Yep.

I was at the gym by 5:15 and ran just under 9 minute miles for a total of 9 miles in 78 minutes.  Not terribly fast, but not slow.  My foot felt okay for most of the run, but started to tingle a little near the very end.  My legs didn’t feel amazing, but they also didn’t feel like lead, so that’s a plus.  It was definitely harder than my normal 5 milers, but I guess that’s to be expected.

A win in the friend department though… Anna Anorexia said hello, smiled and asked me if I was training for something…and then…here’s the kicker…she wished me good luck. She didn’t even scoff at my bagel on the treadmill. 

Speaking of…

bagel bag

Someone got into my gym bag, found the baggie with the bagel, ate through the baggie, and nibbled some bagel.


Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight, Derby.  I was the one who ate through the plastic to get to the bagel.  Right.  (Look at those guilty eyes.)

Anyway, I’m off to school for Zumba Fridays!  TGIF.

Is there anything fun happening on your Friday?


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