Snow Day

Well…. Kind of.  There was snow when I woke up this morning, buuuuuuuuuut it’s just about gone. 


(Terrible picture I know… my phone camera wasn’t cutting it through the window last night.)

If you live in Richmond, you know the weather’s a bit off this year.  We got snow last night, but by Friday it’s supposed to be 76 degrees.

Interesting, and a little unusual.

Not that I’m complaining…except this ensures I will definitely not get  a real snow day anytime this year.  I’d rather it be warm and beautiful than cold and dirty looking (aka you know the slushy gross snow). 

Anyway, it was fun while it lasted kids… hope you didn’t get too attached to your snowman.

Because it’s Monday, it’s speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed work day! 

When I first got to the gym I was a little ticked because like 6 of the treadmills were roped off and ‘out of use’.  Of course there were no others open, so I kind of got a little pissy.  I don’t know why.  I know it’s not my gym.  I get that $24.95/ month will only get me so much.  But I think the fact that because I didn’t workout yesterday plus it’s that special time of the month (tmi?  sorry) just made me a little irritable.

Luckily, eagle eyes Kathleen stalked the remaining treadmills until someone got off, and I jumped right on.

Today- 6.5 miles, 52 minutes

  • 1 mile- 6.7
  • 1/2 mile 8.2-8.6
  • 1/4 mile 7.0
  • +++repeat above two 6 times+++
  • 1 mile 7.0 cool down

It felt really good, and it was really hard.  I know treadmills aren’t the best for daily running and speed work, but to be quite honest, I am still really scared about running outside. 

After my falls while training for the marathon, I am a little apprehensive about running outside unless all conditions are perfect…. aka great weather, all sidewalks swept and clear, no ice, no sticks, no obstacles at all.  I know that will never happen, and I just need to get over it and go for it, but it’s still scary.


I need to get over my fear of leaves and sticks and pavement.

The rest of this afternoon is going to be spent trying to rid my body of yet another stuffy nose/ cold/ congestion and relaxing before spending one more night with the fave before he leaves for 2 weeks.  Because I am such a great gf, I’m making a delicious dinner, and might even let him hold the remote later on. 

Did you get President’s Day off?  Are you doing anything fun and exciting?

Don’t worry, the only reason I get today off is because it’s a furlough day and they pay us less than they used to.  So, I’m definitely staying away from the sales and shopping. Boo.


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