Too much TV.

I wish we had Mondays off more often.  I think the world might just be a happier place if everyone always had three day weekends.

I watched a lot of TV this weekend.  A lot.  I blame it on the stuffiness and cloudy day Sunday and it being cold and me having a cold and me being just plain lazy.

Don’t judge.  At least I learned some things…

1.  Claire Danes is a scary crier.  So scary.   And I’m done with Homeland Season 1. Dang.

claire danes homeland


2.  Teen Mom’s Janelle  just keeps getting crazier and crazier.  This wasn’t even the fight on last week’s episode, but it’s the one that came up on Google.  It’s sad that there are choices of fights to pick from. 

jenelle-teenmom-fight (source)

3.  I still love Jim.

jim tallahassee


4.  Another striking similarity… Claire and Phil make bad decisions after drinking tons of wine.  And I sometimes look like that in the morning.

aunt mommy


5.  I got teary when Max made a friend on Parenthood.  Teary because he made a friend, aaaand also teary because it was over video games. 

parenthood max's friend



The Berenstain Bears and Too Much TV?   No way.


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  1. Kerry

    I love that episode of parenthood too. I loved how both the parents felt the exact same way. It was wonderful! I obviously did the same thing you did this weekend and caught up on all my DVR =)

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