Lenten Promises

Before we get to those, let’s talk about Tuesday.  Specifically, Tuesday after a long weekend/ first snowfall of the year and how it makes kids crazy.  CRAZY, I tell you.

Thank goodness it’s Wednesday already.

wednesday (I know, I know… Lame cat lady picture.)

Last night after work I made it to the gym to find all the treadmills open and ready to go, so no pissy sourpuss here.  Although, I only ran a mile before doing 60 minutes on the red elliptical.  It was tough.  I set the resistance really high and tried not to hold on much (strengthening those hip muscles, as PT Alan would tell me), and I was a sweaty monster when I was finished.  My legs also felt like jelly.  The good news is my feet did not fall asleep and I felt like I actually burned some calories.  My legs are pretty sore right now, which is a good thing.

I also caught up on some trashy celeb gossip where I found that A) shocking… Scott is out getting hammered while Kourtney is with child, 2) Angelina shot Brad down to marriage and is still a huge B, and D) the bachelor Ben is kind of terrible.  Sorry if I offended anyone with that last one.

Anyway, back to the title. 

Today is Ash Wednesday… the first official day of Lent.  If you’re Catholic, you’re not supposed to eat meat today, fyi.  Today is also the day lots of people make mini New Years Resolutions.. because it’s only for forty days if you don’t count the weekends.  Many people give up something, like a luxury, or fast as a form of  penitence. 

Many other people use Lent as a diet.  Like the girl in high school who only ate grapes at lunch.  Or the person I worked with who gave up calories. 

That being said, I (who believe me, am not the most devout Catholic) try to give up something that will be difficult for me, as well as do something to make myself a better person.

Past examples: 

  • Meat.  Oh those years I gave up meat were soooooooo hard.  Not only did I have to find protein elsewhere to keep my body going, but I literally craved sliced turkey all of the time.  It was so difficult.
  • Candy.  Last year I could not stop thinking about candy.  For the entire time.  ENTIRE TIME. 
  • Stop cussing.  I sometimes have a sailor mouth.  I’ve done better  lately and am saying F instead of the entire F word, or B instead of the entire B word.. but sometimes I cuss.  And sometimes it gets a little out of control.  Like a lot out of control.
  • Be more patient.  Yep, believe it or not, I’m not always patient with my kiddos.  Especially when they act exceptionally not smart.  Count to ten and take some deep breaths.
  • Go to church more…which is at least once, because I’m not a regular church goer these days. 
  • Be a better daughter… like, don’t snap at my mom when she asks all.those.questions. (love you mom)
  • Diet coke… oh the days of the 79 cent Circle K enormous diet Dr. Pepper are over.  With the little rabbit food ice cubes.  So good.  I miss the days where diet coke solved all my problems.

Anywhooooooooo today is starting a new Lenten season, so I figure I need to do something that will make me better at life. 

Do you celebrate Lent or make any Lenten promises? 

Just for the record I completely respect everyone’s views on this topic, so please don’t be mean to me if you don’t celebrate.  Or if you think giving up something that you constantly eat/ do is dumb.  It’s a personal decision 🙂


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One response to “Lenten Promises

  1. I dont celebrate Lent (I had noooooo idea what it even was until college) but it’s interesting to see what people give up. If I did do lent, I’d probably give up unnecessary shopping or lululemon (the horror). 🙂

    I do not get the bachelor. That guy is not cute. Blech.

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