Ten Things Thursday

I’ve got a lot to say today, so I upped it to ten random things.

1.  I skipped cycle yesterday and now I feel bad about it.  My PiC was getting her hair did and I reverted back to my old ways and didn’t want to go alone.  I THOUGHT I GOT OVER THIS FEAR!!!!!! 

So anyway, I ran 5 slower miles and rode the regular bike for 15 minutes.  Boring.  I got boring, again.

2.  I reeeeeeeeally don’t like the new “I’m way better than you and hotter than you plus I’m an actress”  housewife from the OC.


3.  I saw a guy get pulled over yesterday on the way home for school.  Immediately, there were five cop cars surrounding him.  FIVE. 

What did he do to get five cops to get him?

4.  It’s 70 degrees in Richmond, VA today.  Tomorrow it will be 75.  Yeah for global warming!  (just kidding… kind of)

5.  George Huguely was convicted for 2nd degree murder for killing his girlfriend in a drunken rage. 


I hope he gets the full 40 years sentencing.  You’re terrible, George, just terrible.

6.  I read an article on Yahoo yesterday about the five healthiest cheeses.   Um, yep.   Healthy cheese. Thank goodness I’m all about health and cheese.

  • feta
  • string
  • Swiss
  • parmesan
  • cottage (Although.. once my history teacher in high school told us a story about making cottage cheese…and I can’t see how it’s healthy at all.)



7.  I made these last night.  They kind of actually tasted like cinnamon rolls… plus, they’re like 180 calories for 2 little muffins!  SO good. If I only had icing in the fridge…my life would be complete.

baked cinnamon roll

8.  Today is National Bread Day. 


bread eater

If you think I won’t be celebrating… you must not know me.

9.  I turn 29 in less than a week.  I’m a little nervous.  I don’t know why.  That’s just one year until 30…which I know, I know… isn’t old… but it’s 30. That’s like the last big one after 21. 

10.  I still haven’t decided if I’m running in the Hooters Half Marathon next Sunday.  I have 3 days until the price goes up… so I need advice.  Yay or nay?



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3 responses to “Ten Things Thursday

  1. Lucy Nall

    Yay for birthdays :):) Love your bread pictures 😉

  2. National Bread Day?! SHUT UP! Can you guess how I will celebrate?!
    Also, whenever I see someone pulled over and then boom….a million police, I get so dang curious! What did they do?! One of life’s big mysteries.
    Enjoy your b-day….29 is still fun! It’s all downhill from there. (I kid. Sorta;-)

  3. National bread day?! No wonder this pumpkin bread has been calling my name all freaking day long.

    Thanks for giving me an excuse to celebrate!

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