Overly Ambitious

Thursday was a LONG day.  Looooooooooooong.  Thank goodness it’s Friday.  (Do I say that every week?)

Yesterday some of my fellow awesome and amazing teachers and I had a meeting with the superintendent of our school system…. Just us, some county people, a couple community people, and the superintendent.  It was stressful.  There may or may not have been sweat stains on various people in the room. 


We are trying to get a new program started at our school that encourages kids to play. 

What?  You think that’s strange?  The sad fact is, most kids don’t know how to just play.  They know how to play video games and watch tv and fight and pick at each other… but they don’t know how to play.  It’s very sad.  We’re trying to find out how to get grant money to get this recess program at our school next school year.  I actually couldn’t tell you if the meeting went well.  I think they all thought we were funny and awesome.. but that doesn’t mean they’re going to take the time to find 25 grand.

Does anyone want to send me a check to go towards the playing fun? 

Anyway… blah blah blah.  I know.  That doesn’t interest you.

What might actually interest you is that this afternoon I ran nearly 11.5 miles with my PiC and one of her running friends.  On a Thursday afternoon.  After work.  It was pretty amazing.

It started out as an overly ambitious 13 mile run… that, due to timing and light, we only got 11.5 before calling it quits.

A few things:

  • It’s the first time I’ve run outside in about 3 months and it was 70 degrees.
  • It’s my longest run since the marathon.
  • I finally blew the dust off my Garmin and it still worked.
  • I only listened to music for 20 minutes! Wowzers.
  • This was the first time I’ve run with people for a long run.  And I kind of loved it. 
  • I had no foot pain until the last half mile.. the orthies were screaming at me to stop.
  • I felt great tummy wise…… until I got finished.  Then,my stomach was back to its old tricks.. vomit and all. 

Overall it was a great run.  We kept it at about an easy 9:15 pace and talked most of the way, which was a nice change for me since I usually run alone.  There were a couple times when I typically would have stopped to walk for a second, but because I was with people, I couldn’t.  My legs felt pretty strong and my lungs didn’t feel like they were going to give out on me, so that’s a positive. 

However, when I got finished I started getting that queasy feeling that started creeping up on me during my training days.  You know the feeling… like your body stored up everything for the last week and is choosing now to punish you.

Do you want to know the worst part (besides seeing my lunch again and not being able to eat for 3 hours after the run)?   I didn’t get my Mexican fiesta that I’ve been planning on all week.  Oh Corona, I’ve been dreaming of you.


So that sucked.  A lot.  And it kind of makes me reconsider this whole running thing.  Why does this happen so often?!??!

Maybe it’ll be better next time…although this is really impacting my decision to do a race in a place I’ve never been…

Does anyone else have issues like this?  Am I the only one?





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  1. Sarah Chittum

    We’ll have our Mexican fiesta on an evening that doesn’t include massive amounts of exercise. The beers may not taste as sweet, but at least we won’t see our fajitas again later in the evening.

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