Calf Cramps = No Sleep

Friday morning I woke up with calf cramps.  So, what’s a girl to do at 5:15am? 

Go to the gym, like a crazy person.

early workout

So I did.  Hello ambition, I like you too.. buuut not enough to do this everyday.

Anyway, my workout was basically just stretching out my legs and getting my muscles unstiff (that’s not a word, I know).  I did some fairly easy cardio on the red elliptical for 35 minutes, then ran a slooooooooooooow mile.  My legs felt much better after getting them moving, and then I did abs plus a short 15 minute arm circuit (you can almost see muscles, it’s crazy). 

One thing I noticed is that I had a tiny bit of foot pain after my run- the same kind of throbbing pain on the side of my foot.  So, back to PT exercises it is for me.  I guess I’ve been pretty  bad at actually doing them lately, so I guess it’s not something I can slack on for a month and expect it to be normal. 

After another Zumba Friday at work, I relaxed with some friends and wine.  My favorite kind of Friday nights.  Cheese, wine, crackers and good conversation.

wine night

It felt awesome to sleep in on Saturday morning.  Awesome.  Awesome, awesome, awesome. 

I need to do this more often. 

After trying (and failing) to make a presentable looking omelet, I finally dragged myself off the couch to the gym.  Somehow I managed 7 miles in 59 minutes.  My legs felt great, which is shocking considering the cheese and wine I had Friday night.  I did about 15 minutes of abs before calling it a day…and as I was getting ready to leave, I got the best compliment ever.

Some guy came up and asked if I was training for something… I nodded yes and he said, and I quote, “You’ve got runner written all over you.”

I actually look like a runner to someone who doesn’t know me!  Mission accomplished!  I never thought I actually look like a runner.  I look kind of in shape, I look like someone who works ou , but I have never thought I actually look like a ‘runner’.  Best compliment ever.

So I left the gym, feeling super awesome and skinny and fit so I decided to go try those colored jeans that other people can pull off. 

pink jeans

Hellooooooooooo sausage casings. 

How on earth do people wear these?  I mean, check out the tightness around those calves.  I’ve always thought I had normal sized calves, but the jeans tell me otherwise.  Welcome to log leg country.

I literally could not even move.  Or breathe.  I tried the whole “stretch out your skinny jeans” routine and I kept expecting to hear one of the ripping sounds… Luckily, since my legs couldn’t move the jeans stayed in tact. 

Plus, those pink jeans look super cool with my orange sweater.

Here is another pair of jeans in the exact same size:


Old Navy, get your sizes straight. 

It might be my own fault thinking I could buy wearable jeans at Old Navy.  I love to get t-shirts and stuff there, but jeans are a no go for me.  So that was kind of a waste of time. 

Although now I know that colored jeans are not for me.  I cannot pull them off.  I am seriously not that fashionable… or stick thin, so at least I found that out.

Maybe I should go back to get those jeans and use them as compression pants to combat my calf cramps.  Way cheaper and similar concept. 

I’m off to brunch and to enjoy Sunday before a full five day work week. 

Have you ever tried the colored jeans thing/ compression jeans?



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