No Bake Cookies

Happy Monday! 

Yesterday morning started with a super early Sunday gym session since I was headed to Godfrey’s Drag Queen brunch (more on that in a later post).  Sunday mornings must be the best time to go to the gym- there was no one there!  Maybe 6 other crazies and me = we’re all absolutely complete lunatics OR smarties for getting there and getting the workout finished before the day got started.

Probably the first.

Anyway, I did 40 minutes on the red elliptical on a higher level than I’ve done before, plus 10 minutes on the stair machine for a little added cardio.  I did a quick 20 minute arm circuit, which is totally giving me tiny little lines of definition.  When I say tiny, I really mean invisible.

Quick arm circuit (repeat 3x)

  • 40 alternating bicep curls
  • 20 shoulder presses
  • 20 triceps extensions
  • 20 overhead triceps extensions
  • 20 upright rows
  • 20 chest flys
  • 20 pushups (girly if you’re me)

My arms are feeling a little sore, so I’m hoping all those minutes I put into it are actually paying off. 

The rest of Sunday was spent with a little friend time, a little drag queen time, and a little cleaning time. 

Here is a little preview of the drag brunch:


Those he/she’s definitely knew how to move.  The cougars were loving every second of the performances.  There were sequins everywhere… on the performers and the cougs.  Hilarious!

When I got home, my sweet tooth was begging me to make something delicious, so I made one of my childhood favorites, No Bake Cookies.

no bake cookies  

(Not my picture…. mine don’t look nearly as professional.)

They hit the spot.  Speaking of peanut butter mixed with chocolate…

peanut chocolate ice cream

I really don’t think you can go wrong when you mix any type of peanut butter with any type of chocolate.  Although if this were my creation I’d maybe do Triple Peanut Butter Chocolate Sundae.  Yep… that’s what I’d do.

My weekend ended with my favorite movie.

mean girls butter

Did you do anything you’ve never done before this weekend?

My first for the weekend was the drag brunch! 



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2 responses to “No Bake Cookies

  1. Drag brunch rocks! Now you’ve got me thinking I shoud schedule another trip…
    I did a lonely, lonely half marathon this weekend. not a first but definitely a lesson in perserverance and a great reminder of why i run with a crew. which brings me back to your post about running w/o music. my solution to kicking the earbud habit…running buddies. and clearly you experienced the joy of running w/pals (and the benefits!). find a family and you’ll find a new love/appreciation of running.

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