Today is my B-day, and people around here just go crazy for it. I don’t know why. Oh! Fun fact. I share my birthday with Eva Longoria. So, I have a perfect ice-breaker if I ever meet Terry Hatcher.


Actually, it’s my birthday.. not Michael Scott’s.


I wish. 

Instead, I have to work.  Maybe I’ll just go to work and order all the kids around while I sit eating brain balls (skittles) in front of them all day long.

Oh wait… I already do that. (Just kidding.  I gave up candy for Lent.)

My expectations for my 29th birthday include but are not limited to: 

  • The kids must call me queen all day long.  I will not answer to my actual name.
  • The kids must be super nice and friendly and not lazy all day.  Or else they fail.
  • Some sort of awesome school board meeting that I have to attend (check, that’s happening).
  • A birthday surprise from the fave (since he’s out of town, I’m expecting big…and now we’re celebrating for an entire month… sorry fave, you lose).
  • A birthday dinner with the BFF
  • Sweet Frog
  • Some sort of milky way cake (candy’s in the cake, it doesn’t count) that the PiC teased me with last week… or something just as delicious.
  • Derby not waking me up at 3 am for breakfast.   
  • All my cellulite must disappear by the end of the day.  Forever.  For-ev-er.

I know, I’m not asking for a lot. 

Anyway.  It’s my BIRTHDAY!   Just in case you didn’t hear.

Other than that… nothing else is new. 

If you’re interested in any type of working out (you know you are), last night I did my weekly speed workout-

  • 1 mile warm up at 6.8
  • 1/2 mile at 8.1-8.5
  • 1/4 mile at 7.0                                                                                                                                                                                       +++ repeat above 6 times+++
  • 1 mile cool down at 7.0

Total- 6.5 miles in 51.5 minutes.  I then stretched while a creepster at the gym stared at himself in the mirror for a full 3 minutes.  I did about 10 minutes of abs before calling it a day.

Not too shabby for a Monday. 

I would really like to do a speed run outside at a track, but I don’t even know where an available track is in Richmond…one that I can use when any high school is not.  I also am afraid I won’t push myself as much as the treadmill will.  Does anyone else have this fear?

Anyway… back to me.


How are you going to celebrate my birthday? 

I’m going to start out with fancy schmancy Starbucks! 



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4 responses to “29!

  1. Dang! Look at you Miss Speedy! No wonder someone thought you looked like a runner. I would too at those speeds.
    Oh, and Happy Birthday to the queen! 🙂

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