Outdoor Run

March came in like a lamb to Richmond. 


It was nearly 70 degrees yesterday, so of course, that meant the perfect day for a long run. 

I got on my favorite gear (better than naked shorts and SR tank and dusted off the ol’ Garmin) and headed out.   It was super windy the first part of the run, and it didn’t matter which direction I was running, it felt like I could be pushed over at any second.  I did the first 3 miles at 8:15 pace before meeting up with my PiC and running buddy.  We did a steady 4.5 miles before I decided to head  the last 3 miles home alone.  Not as long as last week, but I’ll take a 10.5 mile run on a workday. 

Today my orthies were KILLING me.  Every step the last 3 miles felt like a million tiny pins and needles were sticking into my arch, and I nearly took off my shoes and walked home.  (Then I remembered there are a million broken beer bottles littered around my city neighborhood and didn’t chance it.)   Come to find out, I had a nice new double blister growing on the bottom of my foot.


Needless to say, it sucks.  I can barely walk and am having a hard time NOT popping it right now.  

I’m going to pop it. 

I’m really sore from the run, and I’m not quite sure why.  You know those days where you feel like every step is a struggle?  It felt like that yesterday.  I don’t know if it was the wind or if I’m not giving myself enough rest days or what- all I know is the run was hard. 

And part of me feels like I wasted beautiful weather with a tough/ kind of crappy run.  But then I tell myself- Hey Kathy!  You ran 10.5 miles on a Thursday.  AFTER work.  And you didn’t fall.

So there. 

After finally packing (which I seriously hate) for the weekend (I know it’s only a couple of days) for Florida (GET ME THERE NOW!!!), I tried to go to bed early so I could have a quick morning workout.

I was awakened by a text from my friend Kara.


Apparently because of the tilt of the Earth yesterday, brooms could stand on end. 

So, me being the nerd I am, got out of bed to try it out.


Don’t mind the terrible picture taken from my phone… but LOOK!  The broom stood on end!

And yes, if you’re wondering, it was worth getting out of bed to see. 

Do you ever have those runs that feel absolutely and totally 100% painful?

Happy Friday!



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2 responses to “Outdoor Run

  1. Sarah

    This is why u should have my number. I want IN on experiments such as this. Oh and yes, every run is a fight in my corner. Very frustrating. I have yet to hit elusive runners high because I have yet to be able to run for a long period of time. Which makes me reconsider my description of run.

    • Sometimes I reconsider my description of a run too. And sometimes on those days when I wonder why I do it at all… But then I remember how much I love it when it’s good. Just wish it could be like that every time!

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