I have lots of countdowns going on right now.  Some might make you like me more, some might make you think I’m lame, and some might make you think I’m just plain awesome.   All of these countdowns include today.

1.  17 days until the Hunger Games movie!!!  I’m not usually one to get so excited about books made into movies… but I definitely am for this one.  I’m also really looking forward to the movie theater popcorn. 


2.  23 WORK DAYS until spring break.  SB2k12!!!!! (Even though I’m not planning on going anywhere just yet, I’m still excited for a kid free work week. No more bay blades (sp?) or recess fights. Yes!)


3.  7 days until March Madness officially starts!!!!  Helllllllllllo Kentucky.  Let’s do this.


4.  59 days until my favorite day of the year… KENTUCKY DERBY!!!!!!!!! 


5.  Oh.  12 days until that half marathon I registered for.  One day after St. Patty’s Day.  Whoops.  Wasn’t thinking on that one.  Not planning on it being a PR, that’s for sure.


6.  Most importantly, 3 days until the weekend.  Actually it’s about 2.5 days. 


Do you make countdowns to things you’re looking forward to doing or special events?


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  1. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for Hunger Games!!!!!

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