Three Things Thursday Later Edition

I don’t have a ton to say today.  It wasn’t a good day and it wasn’t a bad day… I’m just not feeling very talkative today. 

So, here are some things to leave you with.

1.  This is so cute.  I love it, even though it’s a little old.  Gosh they’re so adorable.  And I love their accents.  I kind of wish my kids would pop out with British accents.


2.  I came home after a couple of days away and someone had managed to break the automatic feeder.  Again.  That little b figured out how to get the greek yogurt lids off the mechanism.  Again.  So I got my trusty duct tape and put it back together.  And now all Derby does is pick at the feeder.  It is not annoying at all.


Oh, and I think she gained a pound and a half while I was gone.  Because there’s not much food left.

3.   I just read in the paper that in Virginia,

Currently, a person who shows up at the polls without proper ID is allowed to vote normally after signing an affidavit swearing to be a registered voter.

Soooooooo you’re telling me that even if I don’t have an ID, I can go into the ghetto voting center and still vote.  They’re just assuming I’m being a good person and not using a registration card I found.  It’s like the 19 year old in the liquor store.. “Um, yes I swear I’m 21.  I’ll sign an affidavit.” 

Does anyone else find this really stupid?  How have we gotten to 2012 and you still do not need an ID at the polls?  Come on, Virginia.


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