Daylight Savings = Beauty Sleep Losing

I have 20 work days until spring break.  I have 20 work days until spring break.  I have 20 work days until spring break.

Sometimes I feel like if I chant it enough, spring break will be here quicker.  No?  That’s not how it works?


daylight savings

Can anyone tell me why we don’t do daylight savings at like, say…. 2:00 on a Monday or Tuesday afternoon?  One less hour of work that week instead of one less hour of sleep sounds way better to me and the 10,000,000 other people that lose their beauty rest.

This weekend was spent relaxing and watching basketball and continuing to celebrate my birthday.

I just got this in the mail Friday.


And it reminded me why my friends are so awesome.  They make me laugh. 

The fave and I finally went to Julep’s to celebrate my 29 years on this beautiful Earth by stuffing our faces and drinking expensive alcohol.


I didn’t get to take any pictures inside the restaurant (the fave pretends to not know me when I do things like that) since it was dark and there were tons of people around that probably didn’t want my camera flash ruining their romantic dates. 

We started with the fried green tomatoes, which were amazing.

fried green tomatoes

(From their website, obviously.) 

I ended up ordering my usual, the shrimp and grits, while the fave got some sort of pork shank or something that was a million times better than my dinner.  A million times better.  It was so good and tender and delicious, and I don’t usually even like pork. 

It’s too bad we can’t go on fancy dinner dates once a week… but luckily I’m an amazing chef myself and we like things like boxed wine.

I spent Sunday studying my bracket picks for March Madness.  If you think I’m picking someone other than Kentucky to win it all, you must be crazy.  I’m not shocked that 2 of my 3 most hated teams are in our region (Duke and Indiana… Louisville being the other), but luckily since we are amazing this year I’m not too worried about it.   Although if the Cats bring their F game to the Big Dance like they did the SEC tournament, there may be some blood pressure spikes in my near future. 

Do you care about March Madness?

Who’s your pick to win it all?



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5 responses to “Daylight Savings = Beauty Sleep Losing

  1. Ok, I feel like the last person on earth that knows nothing about any of this march madness stuff! All know is that my school (Univ. of Colo) finally made it somewhere….everyone keeps saying they’re going dancing. Means nothing to me 🙂

  2. Evie

    You were the “or something”…Love Mom

  3. Robin

    I can’t believe you didn’t get the card until Friday! It went in the mail last Monday. Boooooo USPS. Booo! Also, I seriously think you should reconsider Indiana being one of your most hated teams. C’mon!

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