Case of the Mondays

Yesterday was kind of a random Monday.  It’s always the toughest day of the week for me….and only 3 more of them until SB2K12!

Anyway, yesterday was a typical Monday.  I woke up at 5am and tossed and turned for the next 2 hours thinking about everything I needed to do all day.  Instead of just getting up and crossing some things on my list, I laid in bed and pretended to sleep until my actual alarm went off.

I googled “early wake up” to find some funny picture to go with my sad morning story and this is what came up.

Wake up!

Bastards.  If you are sleeping until 7:03 every morning you are not waking up early.  Stupid google.

After guzzling coffee I finally started to feel my eyes open and look like a normal human around 10.  It was not a pretty first couple of hours before that.

I had planned on doing my usual speed work after school at the gym, but since it was 70 degrees, I decided I needed to take advantage of the weather and sack up and run outside.   It was a miserable 5.5 miles.  Miserable.  I’ve been having this weird little pain in my lower back for about a week now while running.  I’m not sure if it’s a pinched nerve or what, but it’s kind of over my right butt cheek (sweet image, I know).  It’s made me rethink my entire plan this weekend at the Shamrock Half Marathon.  Mainly… should I even do it?

Not only that (I’m being complainy right now, just warning you), but I just popped yet another double blister on my arch… same place I got the double blister 2 weeks ago.  It feels like a million little needles with each step. And, about 2 hours after my run I spent some time in my favorite non-favorite place losing some weight… if you know what I mean. 

So, that being said, I kind of feel like my body might be quitting on me.  Or telling me to just watch March Madness and drink all day Saturday and make UK pasta salad and be in my happy place. 

I’m going to think about it this week and see how I feel near the end of the week.  (PiC- don’t worry!  I’ll still give you my share $$ if I don’t go!).  I really want to get out of this funk I’m having, but it doesn’t seem like it’s ending anytime soon.

In Derby news, I’m not sure why it is, but everytime I get home from a run and am really sweaty and stretching on the floor, the cat literally goes crazy and wants to cuddle up with me immediately.  She purrs, stretches out next to me and licks the salt off my arms.  It’s so weird. 

after run 2

after run

after run 3

Like my Sweat Pink shirt?

The last random thing from my Monday is the following text conversation I had with my BFF Dru.

I don’t have an Iphone so I’m just going to have to type the following.

  • Dru:  I saw you at the gym!!!!!!! I am late for crossfit so didn’t come up to say hi, but I reallllllllly wanted to 🙂
  • Kat: I wasn’t at the gym, weirdo.
  • Kat: I ran outside today.
  • Kat: Who is this text supposed to be for?
  • Dru:  OMG!!! That wasn’t you upstairs??????????? Hahahahah THANK god I didn’t go say hi.  Holy shit I’m blushing just thinking about it.
  • Dru:  Who is this?
  • Kat.  Um.  Kathy. 

I kind of peed my pants a little while I was reading this.  Glad she remembers what I look like. 

Does anyone else have a pet that’s obsessed with sweat?

Did you get your picks in for March Madness?

Of course I did.  I have a work bracket and a CBS bracket.  And Kentucky is winning in them both.




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7 responses to “Case of the Mondays

  1. Dru

    I’m dying laughing. Again. My mission today is to take an incognito pic of your gym twin. Can it be posted on the blog if I get it?

  2. Sarah

    Do Shamrock. You’ll be kicking yourself in the ass if u don’t. Why waste all that good running capability? I’ll be walking almost the whole thing, wishing I was running lol. Go! Have fun!

  3. sarah chittum

    Say what? I was in our classroom all morning and you mentioned NOTHING about this backing out nonsense. Are you scared of me? 🙂

  4. Jennifer

    I have the butt nerve thing too – it comes out of nowhere and gets me. I’m sure I look like a crazy person when it strikes – but I know exactly what you are talking about!

  5. Kerry

    I agree with Sarah 100%, DO IT!! You will be happy when its over. You are just having pre-race jitters. You both are going to do awesome and it will be tons of fun. Plus you have to be there for the first timers, Rachel and Lauren. =)

  6. google images of running piriformis. it’s SUPER common in runners and can be felt high in the butt and deep, kind of like a pinched nerve. it’s a stretching/muscle weakness issue. get on the foam roller, do lots of hip/butt stretches and start hitting up some core work.
    as for the blisters, my guess is you aready know the culprit. try some glide on your foot and get some moleskin.

  7. Rachel

    Ohhh, no you don’t, Kathy. You are one of the main reasons I started running, one of the main reasons I trained for this thing, annnd one of the main reasons I even had the guts to sign up! You are going! If I write a rap about it, will you come?!

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