Road Runner fails again.

I know I’ve talked trash about our local running store before, and guess what?  I’m going to do it again. 

Yesterday afternoon I ran by the Road Runner store to get some Moleskin padding for the enormous blister on my arch.  Shocking, they don’t carry it anymore.  They’ve just been “crazy busy” so they never ordered it, and apparently aren’t planning on ordering anymore any time soon… or ever. 

So I’m still walking around with a bi*** of a blister on my foot. 

When I went to the gym in the morning before work yesterday, I had to put my old insoles back into my shoes because the pressure from the orthies (ollllllld lady—say it in the Phoebe voice) was just too much to handle even walking.  I did 40 minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes on the bike and my back didn’t bother me at all.  It’s so weird how I only get that little pain when I run, but not when I do other cardio exercises. 

friends old lady

Phoebe showing Joey the “old lady” guitar move.

I’m still debating whether or not I should run (or not) this weekend at the half marathon.  I’m in a bad place mentally right now and don’t know if I want to run even though it will be crappy and potentially terrible.  I feel like if I’m not giving it my all (or if my blister doesn’t go away), then why should I do it?  Wouldn’t I rather not be pissed I’m doing something and hating it? 

I don’t know.  Maybe I need a break from running or something to get my mind back on track… although it’s been so nice outside lately that I crave that good run in the afternoons.

In other news, the fave and I have decided to go to New York City over my spring break for a couple of days and while we are there we are seeing somebody called Tosh.O.  I have no idea who that is or what he does.  Comedy I think?  When I googled him his blog came up from Comedy Central.  I’m smart, kids.

Does anyone know who Tosh.O is and should I start watching his show so I’m not the biggest loser in the place?


Do you call him Tosh – O?  Like I’m Kathleen B?

Or Tosh-dot-O?  This way seems more ridiculous, but probably more likely.

Anyway, I’m excited to see the above pictured d-bag… If it’s a comedy show it means the beers’ll be a-flowin…. and I can be happy if I’ve got a cold beer in my hands. 

While we’re in NYC we’ll be staying in Hoboken with friends, so I hope they’re planning on taking us cool places, because the last time we were in New York we hit up the Filene’s Basement and DSW… Um, hello lame. 

Speaking of lame it’s March 14.  3.14.  Hope you’re celebrating by doing something nerdy!

Do you have any spring trips coming up? 

Do you know Tosh.O?




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15 responses to “Road Runner fails again.

  1. Sarah

    Tosh.point.O. Funny dude! Do Shamrock. Walk what u can’t run! Trust me on this one….u don’t wanna miss it! Helluva after party…after! Hey u could walk w me lol!

  2. Finally, someone else that knows nothing about this Tosh thing! I keep hearing about his show or something but I never know what anyone is talking about 🙂

  3. Tim

    Tosh is hysterical. Any suggestions for an alternative running store?

    • No idea about another running store! I know there’s a company in VA beach that is supposedly really good, but they’re not close. Annoying!
      ARe you going to the Tosh show here in Richmond? He’s coming April 12 I think someone told me.

  4. Daniel Tosh. He’s really funny! One of his stand up shows is On Demand right now. Very raunchy, but you’ll like him. 😉 He reminds me of B.T.

  5. LOL Daniel Tosh. And he is freakin’ crazy funny. His show on Comedy Central is one of my faves. And he graduated from the same college as me. He’s a Florida boy! I would kill for Tosh tickets.

    I think you should do the race. You already paid for it, right? I mean, unless things are really hurting (foot, back) and you don’t think you can make it, I say do it. The mental block may or may not be there on race day. You never know unless you try, right?

    • Yes I paid. And it was expensive. I’m trying a short run today to see if my foot can take it… you’re right, yoda..thanks for the advice 🙂

      Back to the Tosh thing- he’s on tour so maybe he’ll hit up florida! I like your sense of humor so I assume I’d like his too. (See that? I just compared you to a famous comedian… nobigdeal.)

  6. jane

    I cannot even articulate my dislike for Road Runner Sports and it all comes down to their “customer service”. Too “crazy busy” to do their job? The good news is that you can get that moleskin at Target or any drugstore (Rite Aid, Walgreens, etc.) Either in the first aid or the footcare section.

    Do the race. Paula’s right, you never know how you’ll feel on race day. Maybe it’s just the thing to get you out of your funk.

    • Yes! Another person who’s just as ticked at RRS as I am! I looked at the guy yesterday and said.. “soooo you’ve been busy so you’re not ordering inventory? makes sense.” I think that might be their last chance in my book.

      • i dislike that place so much that i used to drive to midlo to hit runner bills. now that he’s closed, i’m completely lost for where to get running goodies (aside from the internet – = amazing!)

  7. Maggie

    Tosh is hilarious. Seeing him for the second time in a month. I saw him do stand up in january of 2009 before he had a TV show (I’m hip) and about peed my pants.

    Have you ever used second skin to help blisters?? We used it in college for blisters. It’s actually meant for burns but can be found at any drug store. You will need some sort of tape and bandage to keep it on but its awesome. Call me:)

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