Three Things Thursday, Meet Phyllis

1.  Hello, this is Phyllis.

blister phillyis

blister phyllis 2

Phyllis is my current nemesis.  Maybe you can see why.  Today she’s forced me to walk on the outside of my foot, cry like a wimp after the gym and wrap her in athletic tape. (Band aids don’t seem to stick the way they used to… remember you cried every time you had to take one of those suckers off?)

Phyllis is the main reason I never want to use my expensive orthies again.  Or walk.  At least for a week.


2.  Yesterday I had Mango Chobani as a snack after dinner.  It was okay, not my favorite flavor… but I just kept thinking about this video and it just ruined it for me. 

This might be interesting if you’re into breastfeeding your kids who can chew a well done steak.


Better than mangos even!  I’d rather have breast milk than a milllllllllion melons.


3. Yesterday one of my kids took some post-its off one of my tables and started putting “kick me” signs on others’ backs…and proceeded to kick them. 

Just another day in the life… don’t get jealous people.  You know you are.



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2 responses to “Three Things Thursday, Meet Phyllis

  1. Every try duct tape for blisters? I swear by it and it doesn’t’ fall off like bandaids!

  2. band-aid makes “advanced healing blister” bandages that are AMAZING. they are squishy and absorb the fluid from the blister, turning it into a gel that acts as a cushion. best part is they adhere like superglue. you’re supposed to wear them for multiple days and they don’t come off, even in the shower. just make sure you put them on completely dry skin first. i’d definitely give them until the little b**** is gone!

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