The Madness Begins

My favorite weekend of the year is finally here!

Yes, it’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend.  But that’s not why I’m so excited.

It’s MARCH MADNESS!!!  This weekend = my happy place. 

march madness

Not true. 

Yesterday I taught one of my kids that the movie Dodgeball is not real life.  He was explaining in depth that the ancient Japanese culture used severed heads to play the game of dodgeball, because obviously, what happens in a Ben Stiller movie is real.


I can only imagine what else he “learned” from that movie.

Yesterday I wrapped my blister in some sort of sticky athletic tape/ ace bandage type thing, and it definitely helped.  I still walked on the side of my foot a little, but the ‘one million needles sticking in the bottom of my foot’ pain wasn’t there, so that’s good.   I went to the gym after school and did some ellipticising and biking, and the orthies did not make me want to kill myself, so I’m calling it a win. 

After the gym I got to eat my favorite Papa John’s pizza (garden fresh yum) and 8 breadsticks and some Amstel Light in my favorite coozie while watching Kentucky knock out Western and the Big Red. 

ky beer

I’m a tad bit upset that UConn lost last night, because I was ready to revenge our loss in last year’s tournament.  (Heather– picked Colorado in my online bracket just for you.. it’s a big deal!)

Despite the pizza and beer, I made it to the gym early this morning for a little heart pumping action.  I had planned a quick 5 mile run but made it through only 4 slooooooow miles.  Phyllis is still being a little b and making every step difficult. 

I still haven’t decided about the race this weekend, and am kind of waiting to see how I feel tomorrow.  I feel so encouraged by all the nice comments I’ve gotten, but I still don’t know if running 13 miles is what I want to do or what I feel like I can do without wanting to stop.  I guess it’ll be a game time decision… see how I feel in the next couple of days and decide.


Is anyone else watching March Madness?  Who’s your team?


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  1. Evie

    So my final four teams are still in it – KY, Florida St., NC and Mizzou. Tried to mix it up little and too bad Connecticut lost!! Love Mom

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