A Bunch of Firsts

A bunch of firsts happened this weekend.  Nope, I didn’t come first in any race or win any pool.

1.  Welp, it was my first DNS.  I did not start the Shamrock Half Marathon on Sunday.  I struggled with whether or not to run all week after I just wasn’t feeling good and Phyllis came back as a triple threat Saturday during my ‘decision run’.  Part of me wanted to run, but a big part of me wasn’t feeling good, and for the first time ever, I listened to my body.  So, I was a no go on the race. 


2.  Some people who weren’t a no go are my friends Lauren and Rachel!   They both rain their first half marathon this weekend and did amazing (and are probably drowning in Yuengling as I type)!  I am SO proud of them… it’s such a huge accomplishment!



3.  My PiC also ran the half marathon and set an official PR!!!   Under 2 hours!!!     Booyah!

sarahs pr  

I’m jealous I missed the celebration at the beach!


4. I read this on hungryrunnergirl’s blog yesterday.


“If the stress of training is too intense or lasts too long, your body cannot adapt.  Instead, it deteriorates until you reach the stage of exhaustion.  It is in this stage that you become injured, burned out and over-trained.  Running is no longer pleasant, and your performances steadily decline, despite your most diligent efforts.  Your reaction to your declining performance may be to train harder still, which only accelerates your downward spiral.  You might get sick often, missing weeks of training at a time.”

How to avoid exhaustion is with CHANGE MANAGEMENT: change up your routine, try something new, take more time to recover!

-Taking a week off = change and so does starting a new phase in your training (one with more speed work and less mileage for example).  Your body can only handle the same amount of training for so long before it breaks down so try switching things up a little bit if you are feeling like you are coming close to the exhaustion stage.

This is where I’m at right now- the exhaustion stage of running.  I’m going to listen to my body this time and take some time off from running.  Not long- just a week or so!  This week I’m going to go to a couple of *gasp* classes like  spin and kickboxing, and maybe run a mile here or a mile there, but I’m not going to focus my workouts around running.  I think my body needs a tiny break, so that’s what I’m giving it.  Sometimes your body (and mind) need a rest.


5.  I just filed my taxes.  No, not a first time tax filer unfortunately, but it’s the first time I owe less than $100 to the state of Virginia…. so, that’s pretty awesome.

Also I love Turbo Tax.  Makes it easy for people like me who understand pretty much zero when it comes to this stuff.


6.  The other day I noticed this nifty little device on the ‘bar sink’ in the fave’s kitchen.  I’m not sure why I’ve never noticed it before, but I love it.  I used it for the first time this weekend… not on Dr. Pepper, but on Corona Light.  I love you warm weather.

bottle opener

7.  If you care about March Madness, you know that this weekend, for the first time, not one but TWO number 15 seeds beat number 2 seeds.  Unfortunately, their Cinderella runs to the final four are over already.  And I lost one of my final four teams… so it’ll be tough to win the pool now.

8.  Today is (not a first) National Oatmeal Cookie day!!!

These are going to be in my very near future.


Have you learned to listen to your body after overcoming an injury?  Do you ever take time off (on purpose)?



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2 responses to “A Bunch of Firsts

  1. Rachel

    I feel so cool to have my pic on here (even if I look manlier than Paul). Ps…my legs are ouchie.

  2. Sarah Chittum

    Thanks for the shout out! 🙂 We missed you, but I hope you enjoyed your relaxing weekend! xoxo

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