Three Things Thursday

1.  I just bought this.

dry shampoo

Every time I go to get my haircut, my girl always yells at me for washing my hair too often (read- everyday).  I constantly tell her how my mane gets disgustingly sweaty during my workouts, but she doesn’t care.  So, I decided to finally try dry shampoo… and I think I like it.  I’ve only used it a few times so far, but it works!  My hair doesn’t look like a huge greasy mess after spraying it in—it actually looks gray—but after I brush it through you can’t even tell.  Weird.  But I like it.


2.  Mad Men Season 5 FINALLY begins on Sunday!!!!!

mad men

It’s only been approximately a year and a half since the last season.  I’m not sure why they’re better than all other TV shows to justify taking such a huge vacation… but finally… they’re back! 


3.  Well I think this dress might be my nightmare…

wedding gown 2 mile train

Some designer in Romania made this otherwise probably pretty (you can’t really see it) dress with a 1.85 mile train.  Can you imagine how hard that thing is to get into? 

Does anyone want to run a 3k on the dress?


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  1. I just did a post about that dry shampoo– i hated tresemme but love a different kind that I get at Walgreens. It is AWESOME, but beware— now I abuse the whole “don’t need to wash my hair” thing 🙂

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