License Plates and First Run

One reason I love living in Virginia is because you can pay just $10, yes, you read that right- $10, to get a personalized license plate. 

This means that in Virginia, everyone and their brother gets a vanity plate.  I am one of the few who does not think an extra $10 is worth having DURBEE on my car. 

Anyway, I’m always on the lookout for good plates.  What are good plates?  Here are a few examples which are stolen from my friend Michael, who not only is a huge Kentucky fan, but he likes a good laugh as much as I do…in fact, we’ve discussed a coffee table book.


Um… way to call attention to yourself, man.



Smart Car = Fratty?  I don’t think so. 



Read this one as you may… but kids on the plate too? 



We know what to use to get this guy drunk now.


Today I saw these:


I’d love to be invited to the town and country guy’s party.  Bet he’s got chips… dip… maybe even full sugar Coca-Cola.  Go craaaaaaaazy.


no plate

Um… homemade license plate.  Now I’ve seen them all.  This one’s from Maine, fyi.


God, sometimes people are really dumb.  So dumb.  I’m imagining what my principal would think if I pulled up to school with SXYBTCH or GTDRNK….and I laugh.  And I keep taking pictures because maybe one day my coffee table idea will become a reality.



Friday was another TGIF.  It started out amazing (if you think waking up on your own at 4am is amazing) because I made it to the gym and RAN!!  Six whole miles and it felt super.  Prior to my run I layered about half of a container of Vaseline all over my arch to ensure Phyllis doesn’t show her ugly face anywhere on my foot.  It worked.  Of course I was a little tired (I can’t believe no running for a week makes my legs so sore!) and at one point I got a small side cramp, but it was good and it was fun and I didn’t hate every second. 

I’m not going to jump back into it 1,000,000% like I was doing before, but it’s nice to know I still like it.

School was busy and crazy and I am more thankful for Fridays when 4:00pm rolls around.  We had a big ol’ meeting with some bigwigs who want to give us money for our Fit4Kids and Wellness Integration programs.  We’re trying to beg people to give us grant money, and I think our sappy stories and smiling faces helped get us closer to that goal.  Hopefully we will know sooner rather than later, but it’s looking good so far!

Tonight is a big night for me.  Nope, I’m not going to The Hunger Games.  I’m actually missing it with my friends because Kentucky is playing at the EXACT same time.  Of course.  So, I really am hoping for a huge win against Indiana because otherwise, this might be the worst day ever.

Does anyone else love license plates as much as I do?  I know, it’s a real loser thing to love… but it’s awesome.


Is anyone still watching March Madness?  KENTUCKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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6 responses to “License Plates and First Run

  1. katequigley

    Just stumbled across your blog a couple weeks ago! I’m a teacher, runner living in Richmond too! I just ordered some PB from Wild Squirrel at your recommendation! How long did it take to get to Richmond for you, I’m so impatient!

  2. katequigley

    Just stumbled across your blog a couple weeks ago and I love it! I’m a teacher and runner living in Richmond (in the West End) too! I just completed my first half in VA Beach last weekend. I ordered some PB from Wild Squirrel at your recommendation, how long did it take to get to you? I’m so impatient!

    • Congrats on your first half!!! That’s awesome.. I hear it was a good time after the race!

      I think it took about a week for the PB to get here.. but totally worth it. I hope you got some pretzel pizazz 🙂

      Where are you teaching? I’m in Chesterfield!

      • katequigley

        I sure did, you made it sound irresistible! I’m teaching Pre-K in Goochland right now. I graduated from Virginia Tech in a different field so I am working on the University of Richmonds program to get licensed for elementary school!

  3. Annie

    Hi – I recently started following your blog. You are hilarious!

    Anyhow, one of my friends is from Connecticut and is was immediately shocked with all of the vanity licenses plates in VA. Soon she became so entertained, she started taking photos of them and now has a coffee table book (great idea BTW! and conversation piece). I highly recommend the idea! Plus, they provide you with an insane amount of entertainment…do it!

    I saw one the other day – “WT2GRW”. As I passed the driver I couldn’t help but to check her out and YES! – she was probably sitting on a phone book to see over the steering wheel.

    • Hahahahahahaha! That one is hilarious… took me a few seconds to get it.
      The creepy thing is, I often see the same ones, so now I know their work schedules, etc. And guess what? SXYGRL2 (who I’ve seen many times) is not so much SXY. Ha!

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