Woah Monday morning, you come too soon.

I am exhausted right now.

Friday night I had to stay up past my normal 10pm bedtime to watch Kentucky beat the Hoosiers in the Sweet 16 of March Madness.  The first half I was up and screaming at the TV…and the second half I was falling asleep each time-out.  I am the lamest person ever on Fridays.


Saturday, after a long workout with the fave, we headed down to go outlet shopping in Williamsburg.  It was rainy and gross outside, but everyone within a 30 mile radius seemed to be doing the same thing.  I bribed the fave with one of these to shop with me.


A sugar-free peanut butter cup from Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory…. not nearly as good as the regular.  That’s what I get for trying to be ‘healthy’.  Should have gotten one of these instead.

caramel apples

I did find a pair of colored jeans I like…unfortunately they were full price and I don’t pay full price for clothes.  So, I’m waiting until they go on sale online.  They were comfortable and didn’t feel like sausage casings, so it’s a win.


After a busy day shopping and a few episodes of Dexter later, I finally had a nice 10 hour sleep.  That was good, because Sunday was a little crazy.

Kentucky beat the shit out of Baylor in the elite 8… So now we’re headed to the FINAL FOUR!!!!

BTW, who told Baylor that highlighter yellow and camouflage look good together? Or at all?

After watching the game with Richmond’s 50 most intense Kentucky fans, I rushed home to shower and get ready for the Zac Brown Band concert! 

The fave had given me these tickets for my birthday, so we got to celebrate yet another day.   After a really quick dinner, we made it to the concert and did some great people watching.  Oh, there was a really good band there too.

zac brown

A few things about the concert:

I love country music.  I love country concerts.  I’m not sure I love indoor country concerts.   Zac Brown was amazing… but they played a few too many cover songs for my liking.  There were a few rock songs thrown in the mix…and although they sounded great, I would have liked to hear more Zac Brown stuff. 

Also, the woman sitting in front of us got in a huge argument with the people in font of her because they were standing and she couldn’t see.  This proceeded to her taking a picture of them, posting it on Facebook  on her phone, and then spending at least 25 minutes of the concert perfecting a Facebook post bitching about people.

So that was fun to watch.  And awkward.

Annnnnnnnnd getting home after 11 on a school night + not good sleep = tired teacher on a Monday.

What did you do this weekend?  Do you like country music?


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  1. Evie

    YAY KENTUCKY!! Dad is ready to go – he leaves Friday morning at 11:00. Drunkfest 2.0. Will he be sober by the time he flies to DC for Easter!? Oh and who got you into country music, just sayin.
    Love Mom.

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