How to scare Derby.

Only one more Monday until spring break.  Wooooooooooooooo.

Yesterday was BRUTAL.

After getting about 4 hours of sleep (this includes the zillion times I woke up and the one time Derby had a mental freak out at 3am by running across my bed like an insane and possessed animal), the last thing I wanted was a class full of crazy kids.  Usually Mondays are peaceful- everyone’s still really tired from playing World of Warcraft all weekend—but today they were craaaaaaaaaazy busy and tattle-y. 

I made it through the day AND I cleaned off my desk, sooooooooooo it’s a win.  I was barely able to put off making edible soil until Tuesday (pretty sure I didn’t have the patience to put five layers of cookies and pudding together). 

After work I dragged my toxin filled body to the gym where I managed an hour of cardio, split between the elliptical and stair thingy (I don’t like calling it the StairMaster… it feels too 1981 for me).   I feel like I lost all of my endurance in one day… it was really tough yesterday, but having beers and eating out twice on Sunday will do that to you. 

When I got home it was my mission to make Derby just as scared as she made me at 3am.  So what else could I do besides open a new garbage bag (that really gets her moving).. but vacuum. 


There she is….hiding in the corner behind my noisy fan.  Can you spot her?  Wimp.  When I get the vacuum out she gets this look in her eye…and goes running for cover.  She’s learned that under the bed is no longer safe from the dreaded noise machine… hiding in the corner behind a fan will always keep her away from the suction.

Last night was also wine night with the girls… except this girl didn’t want any wine, which is a first for me.  Instead I filled up on cheese, triscuits and little tiny quiche-like thingys.  I know, I’m lame.  I’ve heard it all before.

Do you have pets?  Are they scared of the vacuum or is it just my 15 pounder?


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  1. Tals HATES the vacuum! She always runs and hides in a corner 🙂 It’s her real fav when I vacuum her to get off the loose hair… she hates me for weeks after that!

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