Monument 10k Day!

One of my favorite races every year is the Monument Avenue 10k.  Not only is it just 6.2 miles and the start is just minutes from my house, so I don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn.

The day started off early with a warm up mile in the Kids Fun Run.  No, I didn’t just jump in so I could have the pleasure of beating a bunch of 9 year olds.  Some of our students were running and since it was completely chaotic I ran with them so they wouldn’t get lost in the big scary city.  I’m pretty sure I also won coolest teacher award too. 

Note to self:  Kids Fun Run is total chaos.  Run with your child so they do not get abducted.

Anyway, it was really adorable to run with the kids and cross the finish line with them.  They were so incredibly proud to get their medals and get that first race under their belt!  After the race it was a bit crazy trying to find parents, so my suggestion to the organizers- perhaps you could end the kids run at a different location than the actual 10k so parents are able to see and find their kids easier.

That was my big complaint of the day.

Now onto the actual race. 

The 10k is such a fun race to run because it’s nearly 44,000 people running and people dress up (we’ll get to that later) and there are bands and supporters everywhere.  I decided that this was the year I was not going to care about my time and I was just going to enjoy the run.  (I am so competitive with myself though so it’s tough.) 

I ended up running into some friends from work and started the race about 20 minutes later than my actual start.  I started my Garmin then shoved it under my long sleeves (it was spitting rain and gray blah) and told myself not to look at it again.  I also realized at about half a mile in I forgot to put on my ipod, which was still in my pocket, so I decided to try and run the whole race without music (I NEVER run without music…not even a block).  I figured this was a good a time as any, especially because of all the people watching.  So I didn’t run for time and I didn’t listen to music and I finished in 52 something- not too bad.  I started out at 8:15 pace for the first few miles then slowed to about 8:30, but I’m happy I kept it up for more than just one mile.  Looking back I kind of wish I pushed myself because I think I could have beat 50 minutes but oh well.  There’s next year.

monument 10k

My knees look weird in this picture.

I finally found the fave after the race (he’s my biggest fan) and walked the 2 miles home.  Overall, I ran 7.5 miles and ended up walking 3, so of course I felt like I deserved a few (or more) beers to celebrate. 

If running in a race isn’t enough to celebrate, I had this as well.

costume winners

Buoy o’ Bouy— Richmond Times Dispatch Costume Contest winners!!!!

My BFF’s Robin and Dru placed FIRST in the costume contest… no trophy, but $500 later and they’re happy.  Dru was the captain driving the boat and Robin was the tuber… in a bikini!  So freaking hilarious and awesome.

Oh wait.. there’s more to celebrate.

kentucky final four

KENTUCKY BEAT LOUISVILLE (obvi in caps like I’m yelling it at you) and is now playing for the national championship at 9:23 tonight!!!!!!!!

Oh I wish I could send you all the excitement that is built up in me right now.  I am SO excited.

And I am so jealous of this guy.

dad final 4

My dad (the little one) and my second dad are at the Final Four in New Orleans.  OMG I am so jealous.  I wish wish wish I were there!!!!


Needless to say, Saturday was a long but really fun day.  And I was asleep/ passed out by 9:30.  Not too shabby for a Saturday. 

Who are you rooting for tonight??? Kentucky vs. Kansas… Kentucky obviously!!!!



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3 responses to “Monument 10k Day!

  1. I was gonna get that SR shirt too but she was out in my size 😦 Nice job on the run!!

  2. Kerry

    Well now that OSU is out I want Kentucky to kill Kansas. Plus that would mean I get #2 in my bracket and win more money. 🙂

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