Random Thursday Things

1.  I’ve felt so behind all week after staying up way past my usually lame bedtime to watch this.

kentucky win

Totally worth it though.  I love Kentucky.


2.  The kids have been crazy people this week.  Today is their last day before spring break and I’m more than ready to bid them farewell for a week.  If I’ve heard one fart noise, I’ve heard three hundred.  Yes, it’s been that kind of week.  Kids.  Sheesh.


3.  I want to make these tonight.

lemonlime cupcakes

Lemon-lime cupcakes.  I’m sure mine won’t look nearly as pretty, but as long as they taste amazing, I don’t really care about presentation.  I’d definitely be one of the first kicked off those cooking shows because of my lack of ability to make food look nice.


4.   I’ve had a ton of stomach pain lately… including last night, when I curled up in the fetal position for over three hours.  First it was all over, then it was just on the right side.  Today I feel better, but there’s still a dull cramp.  Has anyone had these symptoms before?  I assume if it were my appendix or something, I’d still be in unbearable pain, right?


5.  Is anyone planning on going to see Titanic 3-D? 

titanic 3-d

As good as a movie as Titanic is, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to relive the depression I got when I first watched the movie.  I can only imagine how much sadder I’d be after seeing it in 3-D. 


6.  My workouts this week have been really random and almost not worth mentioning.  I’m only mentioning them because I feel like you need to know I’m not a completely lazy piece, plus, I had a successful 6.5-7 miler without my Garmin.  I feel like it’s  a win when I don’t need a gadget to tell me how far I’ve run or how fast I’m going. 


7.  This B published a column in The Daily Mail about how tough it is to go through life being such a beautiful woman.

samantha brick

She says women hate her for being beautiful and she’s regularly sent over bottles of champagne from random men she doesn’t know. 

If you read the article, please tell me what you think. 

My tiny, little, humble, regular person opinion is that she’s someone I wouldn’t ever want to be friends with.  Not because she’s so incredibly beautiful (because she looks like a normal human to me) but geez, how much can one brag about herself?  Conversations with her must be draining.



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4 responses to “Random Thursday Things

  1. Kara

    First off, on your stomach pains, remember when we went to Derby that year and you had really bad stomach pains and it was your appendix (I think) but then it got better? You might need to have that checked! Second, I have totally read the article on that woman (I am a dailymail addict) and she is AWFUL(ly fun to make fun of). She compares herself to Angelina Jolie. Ah delusional people, what would life be like with out them to make us feel sane?

  2. Evie

    I would suggest that tomorrow, Monday or Tuesday you go to the doctor and have him/her check out your appendix, gall bladder etc.
    Also that woman is not even pretty let alone beautiful. She is attractive but she sounds terribly vai, and narcissistic. WOW! Love Mom

  3. jane

    You might want to talk to your gyn about possible endometriosis. I spent a few years with random, unexplained pain before being diagnosed.

    That woman is just hilarious. Nope, not possible that women don’t like her because of her personality! Beautiful women are never asked to be bridesmaids? And today she feels vindicated by the response to her column. Yep, women are reacting harshly to her column because she’s so beautiful. hahahaha…..

  4. Laura

    Could it be an ovarian cyst? Check the symptoms. I get them frequently. Its really intense on one side and for a few hours to a day and then it dissipates over the next day or so.

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