TGI Spring Break

Welp.  Yesterday was my last day with the kiddos for 10 days.  I still have to work today but a nice kid-free day is needed every once in a while.

I could not be happier.

smiling cat

God, I am such a cat lady.  Creep.

Yesterday I also went to Patient First (after I thoroughly b****ed out my doctor’s office for being terrible and 100% inefficient) to get checked out- better safe than sorry I guess.  Actually the fave made me do it, because I would rather have spent that $30 copay on something cool like dinner or wine. 

Anyway, I had a bunch of tests and blood work done and everything looks normal!  Woohoo!  The doctor there thought it was probably an ovarian cyst that burst (thanks, Slo!), which is why the pain was so terrible last night but today I just had a dull cramp.  He did say that if it happens again in the next day or two that I immediately go to the ER because although the blood work looked normal, it could still very well be appendicitis.  Unfortunately the only way to actually see the appendix is with a cat scan (hello cat lady, again).  So hopefully everything will be normal and pain free from here on out.  Crossing my fingers as I type.


I got a text from Dru yesterday with this:

Dru:  Million dollar idea- Airport shoes!

airport shoes

Kathleen:  OMG wtf are those?

Dru:  Airport shoes!  I made them out of my fake cadaver feet after the lab (FYI she’s in medical sales).  Can they go on your blog??

airport shoes 2

Kathleen: Yes!!!! (and by that I mean oh hell yeah people want things going on my blog)

Dru:  They are efficient!  You can trick the airport workers and wear them through the X-ray!

Kathleen:  Don’t tell the terrorists.


End of convo. 


Soooo if you ever want to not take off your shoes at the airport (which is sick when you’re wearing flip flops, btw), here’s your perfect plan.  I will steal/ Dru will steal some fake cadaver feet to sell you.  Let me know.  They look super realistic from far away, but will probably only work for people with slightly pale to pinkish tan skin.


Annnnnnnd that’s the most exciting Thursday I’ve had in weeks.


I woke up this morning for my usual Friday morning workout.  I know if I don’t get it in on Friday mornings I will most likely definitely not go Friday afternoons… there’s just too much else I’d rather do- aka beer or nap.  Okay, only two things I’d rather do, but they’re just so appealing come Friday at 4.


After lying in bed for 10 minutes after my alarm went off, I dragged myself to Golds and ran a decently paced 5 1/2 miles before ending with abs and push ups.  I’m getting to some action packed stuff in season 2 of 24, so it makes for an easy run when you’ve got something to keep your attention. 


After meetings and report cards today, I’m starting my SB2K12 off with an ice cold beer… just to relive my college days.




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5 responses to “TGI Spring Break

  1. Rob

    finally some bikini shots on this blog.

  2. megan wolfe

    Yes. Um, I would like to order a pair of cadaver feet. Medium beige if you have it. Thanks, your old pal Megan Grall (now a Wolfe)

  3. do you think they’ll work since i’m black? i mean that wouldnt be wierd, right??!?!?! jk, i’m not black. has anyone even noticed they look like two left feet?

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