Who knew…

…a new oil pan costs $750 to replace?

oil pan

Being the responsible adult I am, I went to get my oil changed yesterday.  There’s been an ongoing problem with my oil pan and the plug that stops it up the past year, so it came as no surprise when today the mechanic told me it was time.  There was no oil change… only a quote for a $750 replacement. 

So that sucked.  I pretended I was going to go home and call around, but after talking the guy into giving me a ‘teacher’s discount’ (so it’s only $650 whew!), I guess I’m going to have to go ahead and order the part and get it done next week.  Ugh.  I am so sad.  There are some really cute things I’d rather spend my money on.  This also makes me want to just buy a new car… I mean, it’s 8 years old and losing value quickly.  Is it really worth spending more money on? 

Does anyone know a mechanic who will do this for less?  Say… not charge me $100/hr for 5.5 hours of labor??  Anyone?

Besides that, I had not so much of a productive Day 2 of SB2K12.  I guess spending hours and hours at the car place will do that to you though. 

I ran the mile to the gym (and I found out that 9 miles still makes me a tad bit sore), where I did 45 minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes biking before running home.  It was a great cardio day, but there was little to no strength involved.  I need to pick up the pace on the whole strength thing.  I’d rather watch my Kindle though 🙂

I also had a mental breakdown yesterday.  I screamed at my jeans for being tight.  I screamed at my shirts for being too small.  And I freaked out like a crazy person for being so bloated and feeling so gross, especially after I’ve been fairly healthy lately. 


This is what I felt like all day, crossed eyes and all.

WTF is on those plates btw?

Anyway, I was having one of ‘those days’. It hasn’t happened in awhile so I guess I was due…hopefully that’s the last of that for awhile.

(And I ate more cookie butter than one should ever ingest in one sitting.  God, that stuff is amazing.)


And finally, I’d like to congratulate the three public school workers (2 teachers and 1 administrator) who won that big jackpot lottery a couple of weeks ago. 

As jealous as I am, I am glad that people who aren’t ghetto fab or w-t crackheads won.  They even said they were going to go back and work at the school… ummm… they’re better people than I am.  I’d be taking a 2 month vacation until my summer vacation.  Sounds nice.


How often do you have one of ‘those days’?  Is it just women who drive themselves crazy?

Would you go back to work after winning the lottery?? 



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10 responses to “Who knew…

  1. Ugh, the mechanic thing drive me nuts! I thinkyou just saw on my blog how a part i just spent $2k on 7 months ago broke…. ARGH! I’m going in today and if they don’t warrant the part, I am seriously.going.to.lose.it.

    • Yes… I saw that and got sad for you. I HATE spending money on cars!!! I really hope that you get the part replaced for free. If not, I’ll start sending them hate mail for you.

  2. 1) potato wedges on the plates.

    2) try al Matthews at Matthews automotive 261-1803 I think. Tell him Sarah Fontaine from air conditioning equipment sales sent u.

    3) men don’t torture themselves because they’re too shallow minded. Just sayin’. Apparently u have to be brilliant to conspire against your self. Here’s to being brilliant! 😉

  3. Evie

    First of all your eyes were fixed when you were 2 (twice I might add) though I must admit the lazy eye does sorta creep up at times. Second, car stuff sucks and I’m glad I have Dad to take care of that crap. Can you wait to do the repair until school is out and drive home and get Dad to do it? Finally, I would not go back to work if I won the big money and I would share most of it with my kids and thus the oil pan debacle would be a moot point. What a great mom! I did buy a ticket for this last one but hardly any numbers matched. Hang in there you are off to NYC for 4 days – the only thing better would be a beach! Love Mom

  4. Oh, just pay for that repair. Because you know a down payment for a new car and the monthly payments are going to be far more than that. Get a new car when you have to get something BIG. (Like over 2k) Then it’s totally worth it. Can you go to an auto parts store, buy the pan, and find someone to install it cheaper?

    • I know, I know. I’m just being whiny about it. I hate spending money on cars…and no, the part can only be ordered through the dealer so they’ve got me there. Unless I fashion my own oil pan using my handy dandy markers, stickers, and purple glue sticks, I think I’m just going to bite the bullet and get ‘er done. Goodbye cute dress I was lusting after. And shoes. x 10.

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