Interview with Bart Yasso and Ricky Flynn

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned to you all that Bart Yasso, the editor of Runner’s World Magazine, and Ricky Flynn, an elite runner who lives in Virginia, came to my school to speak to our fitness clubs.


The kids were so excited and after a little research, came up with some great questions for each one.  The men were so patient and one million percent friendly to our kids, and were hopefully inspiring as well. 

The following questions are for Bart Yasso:

How did you become a famous runner?

BY:  Believe it or not, working at Runner’s World Magazine.  We have 2.8 million people reading it every month, and our website gets 1.4 million hits per month.  My fame came through running all over the world and being attached to the magazine.

Did you ever want to quit running or take a break?

BY:  No, I never want to quit running.  I’ve been running for 35 years, and I look at it as a lifestyle and not something I have to do.  Sometimes during a race I think it’s getting hard, but then I try and think positive thoughts so I hope to be doing it for a long time.

What’s your longest run ever?

BY:  I was actually ‘told’ by work to do a race that was 146 miles long in Death Valley!  It took about 40 hours.  I had to stop at a couple of times, of course!

Are you planning any fun running trips soon?

BY:  Part of my job is to go all over the world to do fun running trips.  I leave for Haiti and then to Jamaica and then right to the Boston Marathon.  I’ve never been to Haiti so I’m excited to do a run on the beach there. 

Where’s the most interesting place you’ve run?

BY:  To me the most interesting place to race is Africa, because the people in East Africa are the fastest in the world.  I did an ultra marathon in South Africa once and 22,000 people ran it, so it was the biggest ultra ever.


The following questions are for Ricky Flynn:

What’s the highest you’ve placed in a race?

RF:  I’ve gotten first in quite a few races.  This year I was 12th in the Olympic trials in Houston in January.  After that, so far this year I’ve won a marathon in DC and in Williamsburg, VA. 

We read that you had hydration problems in your first marathon.  How much did it affect you and would you drink more water in the future? 

RF:  That’s a big issue for runners in their first marathon.  I make sure to take water at every stop, and I take GU gels for quick energy.   I don’t typically carry water on my runs, but I try to drink a lot before and a lot after.  If I’m doing a really long run I’ll make sure I keep water on the course though.

Do you eat healthy for running?

RF:  I eat as healthy as possible.  I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and try and get a lot of protein.  I stay away from junk food as much as possible, but every now and then I eat candy and ice cream!

How much per day do you practice?

RF:  Anywhere from 10-12 miles and some days it will be 20-25 miles if I need to do a long run.  I take one day off per week.

When did you start running?

RF:  Growing up I played a lot of sports like basketball and football.  My brother had run cross country and track in high school, so I kind of followed him.  After my freshman year in high school I realized I had potential in running.  I started running competitively  at age 12-13.  When I was little I used to do some 5k’s with my mom.  My mom and brother run too.



It was awesome to meet some really inspirational and accomplished runners.  I know I was really inspired, so hopefully the kids were too!


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  1. Evie

    Very cute! You and Sarah are inspiring teachers! Love Mom

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