Hello, New York

Well… it was tough getting back into the swing of life yesterday.  After a few busy and fun days away from home, I needed a vacation from my vacation.  Another week off would have done it, for sure.   Just 43 more days… just 43 more days…

Anyway, because most of you likely have jobs that go on forever and don’t have stupid countdowns like me, I’m sorry.  I’ll try to keep my rubbing in/ complaining to a minimum.


New York forgot it was SB2K12 when I was visiting.  That, or else I’m just the worst packer in the world. 

Besides the fact that I didn’t bring any of the right clothes (because I’m both very unfashionable and a terrible packer), New York was amazing.  Amazing and busy and fast and crowded and all those other words you think of. 

When we got into town Thursday afternoon after taking the train in from Philly, we immediately ate lunch (since going over 2 hours without any food intake makes me cranky), then walked around Central Park for a couple of hours.

If you’ve ever met me, you probably know that Home Alone is my all time favorite Christmas movie, and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is at least in my top 7.  I used to make my cousins and brother watch this at least once every Christmas… and because I was the only girl I got what I wanted. 


Here’s the Plaza, obviously.  So sad I didn’t get to stay there with my TalkBoy making  reservations. 

central park2

Here’s the tunnel in Central Park where Kevin was running away from the bad guys.  I did not see the pigeon lady, sadly.

central park

Annnnnnnnd that’s just a view of a really pretty part in Central Park.  I was actually so surprised how hilly the park is- for some reason I thought it was pretty flat, but I was completely wrong.  My glutes got a good workout that’s for sure.

We finally got to check in to our hotel- the Renaissance Marriott in Manhattan near Central Park.  I told them I was a “running” blogger from Virginia and wanted to give them a good review, so they gave us one of the penthouse suites. 



Hahaha.  I crack myself up.  Just kidding… we used points and they upgraded us to the top floor since we are so friendly looking.  The concierge was pretty impressed.  He just kept mumbling… 1705, huh.  Woah, 1705.  He also was incredibly jealous of my Ritz Carlton bag tag on my luggage.  Sorry pal, that was using points too.    

It doesn’t take much, I guess.

The views were amazing.  I wish I could use a better and more robust word, but amazing is all that comes to mind. 


hotel view

hotel view 3


Oh, and a TGIF.  Just for kicks.  They’re everywhere, and probably selling out those Lynchburg Lemonades.  Just a word to the wise- those $9 drinks only get you one shot of alcohol.  Not.worth.it.

Thursday afternoon we went to see the fave’s cousin at work.  At Bergdorf’s.  At a photo shoot…where she tried to persuade me into getting some new ‘floral denim’.  I politely declined and reminded her I live in Richmond.  It was pretty cool to see how these shoots work though, and slightly depressing to see how expensive the clothes are.  Thursday night we met the fave’s family for dinner at a cute Italian place in Tribeca where we got to see the baby who is now teething and getting so big!  It’s crazy how quick those little boo’s grow. 

Friday morning after a slow start, we finally made it back outside to 5th Avenue and into the only store where I felt comfortable- FAO Schweetz.  The candy store of my dreams.  I spent $17 on a small baggie of regular people candy- totally worth it.


hotel view 2

After grabbing a ‘dirty dog’ as they’re affectionately called in the big city, we headed out to Hoboken with the fave’s BFF.  They seriously have the best views of New York City ever.  So beautiful….and I felt relief to walk the streets in Hoboken where I wasn’t afraid someone was going to plow me over for being in their way.


Finally, Friday night- Tosh.O.

radio city

Gosh this guy is hilarious.  So incredibly inappropriate, but I’m pretty sure my face was stuck in a smile for the rest of the night.  I don’t think I stopped laughing for an hour and a half. 


As you can see, we were pretty high up.  That’s really Tosh, I promise.

I’m pretty sure I could get into this stand up comedy stuff.   He did make a somewhat/ completely 100% controversial joke about the Twin Towers…and holy sh** it was not right.  But I laughed anyway and wondered if any of the scary New Yorkers were going to club him after the show.  It was amazing. 

Amazing if you are terrible and like to judge other people. 

So of course I loved it.

And minus all the food I ate from every culture imaginable, that was New York.

We spent a couple of nights in Washington’s Crossing, PA and did a little eating there as well.  Needless to say, I came home at least 3lbs heavier than when I left.  And I did not regret it.  Although now I’m looking at those 3lbs and cursing them.  But totally worth it.





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5 responses to “Hello, New York

  1. Evie

    Do you remember going to FAO Schwartz when you were about 41/2 – we danced on the piano keys from BIG and you got a book and stuffed animal (small – we were poor). Oh and we left Kevin at home…sorry Kev. Love Mom

  2. Evie

    It was a little frog from Peter Rabbit with a book and remember the chinatown shoes…i think I saved them.

  3. katequigley

    I saw Tosh at the Landmark last week and it was AMAZING, it made me love him even more!

  4. Maggie

    When I saw Tosh on Monday, he was a) wearing that same outfit and b) made the Twin Towers joke and then made a reference about how it went over when he was in NYC the week before. I love him.

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