Three Things Thursday

1.  Question:  Is it appropriate to tell a woman she’s gained some weight, even if you don’t really know her very well?

Answer:  NO. 

Just an FYI,  it is never appropriate to tell a female that you think she’s gained a few pounds. 

Especially if you’re no spring chicken. 

Especially if you’re battling diabetes and heart disease. 

Especially if you’re getting ready to go to a work lunch, which she is obligated to attend. 

Some people are so stupid.


2.  I saw this the other day…

best friends

Thank God Derby doesn’t know anyone else. 


3.  Did you all hear about the baby found alive in a coffin in Argentina?

A baby was apparently born stillborn (according to the nurses and doctors who delivered her) and her parents had already been delivered her death certificate.  When they went to the morgue to have one more look at their lost baby, they found that she was actually alive in the tiny coffin. 

Two opposite thoughts on this:

1.  How amazing that she was found alive 12 hours after being declared dead!

2.  How terrible are the doctors that declared her dead????  Holy shit. 


What are your thoughts on this story from Argentina??  It definitely makes me want to never have a baby there, that’s for sure. 



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3 responses to “Three Things Thursday

  1. Um, that is TERRIBLE! How does a doc make a mistake like that?!

  2. That story is CRAZY! How does something like that even happen?!?!?! Crazy!

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