Laziest weekend ever.

I know you care, but I basically did nothing of any importance. 

This weekend I:

*Ate some variation of taco salad for three different meals.

* Watched 5 episodes of Dexter.

I’m really starting to get sick of this Lumen character.  Why can’t Dexter remember that having friends is definitely going to get him in trouble?!?  She’s going to die before the season is over, I bet.

* Watched The American. 

Did not like.  Not even a tiny bit.  This picture makes it seem like it is going to be way more action packed than it actually is.  I do still love ol’ George Clooney. 

*Spent an entire day in my pajamas.  For no reason. 

It was amazing.  Although it could have been better if I had one of these outfits to run around in.

So- overall it was a perfectly lazy weekend.  I spent no money and barely exerted any energy, so I’m saved up for the crazy kids.   After last week, I needed it.  I also needed the margherita pizza I had for dinner last night.  And the glass (or two) of wine. 

Do you ever have lazy weekends?  In my defense, it was gray and rainy ALL day yesterday… so that just basically means pajama day, right?



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4 responses to “Laziest weekend ever.

  1. I am dying for a lazy weekend so I am super jealous!!! I just looked at my schedule and I am booked weekend solid until the second week of July. How the hell does something like that happen?!!

  2. My weekend was pretty lazy too. I didnt leave the house. Mostly because it was 99 degrees this weekend. 🙂 And there is nothing wrong with eating taco salad for almost every meal. Taco salad is dang good!

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