Half Day Wednesday

I love Wednesdays.  Why?  Because once a month, Wednesday is a half day at school… for the kids. 

Although I’ve got meetings and stuff all afternoon, it’s a nice change of pace.  Plus, we get some sort of lunch provided, which may not be a big deal to most of you, but anytime someone else is making my lunch, I’m happy.  I’m the one dying when The Biggest Loser’s temptation  challenge comes on… how are you supposed to resist all of that?

temptation challenge 

I’m also a big buffet fan…let’s just say that in Vegas, I won. 

Anyways, yesterday morning I pretended I might get up and run a few before work, but when I saw it was 36* outside, I said no f-ing way.  I think it was colder last night than it was all of February.  I even had frost on my car… luckily it warmed up, so the kids could let loose outside at recess. 

Every Tuesday the fave and I say we are going to go to a movie.  I belong to some club where movie tickets only cost $6 on Tuesdays, so we pretend we are going to take advantage of the 50% discount.  Guess how many times it’s happened?  ZERO.  I don’t know why but I’m least likely to do something after work on Tuesday.   Besides Fridays, I think I am most tired on Tuesdays.  This week we were supposed to go see The Hunger Games…again.  I guess there’s always next week.

So, something awesome happened yesterday.

I won a pedometer from awesome Monica at runeatrepeat!


2 things:

  • I never win anything.  Ever.  (Except the time I was in first grade and I won the jelly bean estimating contest…152…don’t ask why I remember that.  I guessed correctly.)
  • I am SO excited to see how much I walk at school… I’ve always wondered how many steps I’m getting in per day, so if I remember to wear this little sucker I guess I’ll find out!   

Do any of you wear pedometers?

What day of the week are you most tired?



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