Busy week and weekend

The end of the week flew by…I was so busy and so exhausted I didn’t feel like blogging (or doing much else for that matter).

My workouts were as follows:

1.  Wednesday, I tried another two-a-day…although I laid in bed just a little too long in the morning, so I did a 20 minute circuit with abs and arms.   I started each set with a minute of jump roping (while trying my hardest not to kill Derby with the rope—she’s very curious) and did 4 sets which included a bunch of arm moves, push ups and abs moves. 

Wednesday afternoon I had a really nice 7 mile run outside and it was total success.  No blisters, no tummy problems, and no tripping.  It  was one of those runs where I thought, “Oh yeah…this is why I love running.” 

Too bad they don’t happen all the time. 

2.  Thursday I pretended to do another two-a-day workout, but after stepping outside in freezing rain, I decided my time before work would better be spent watching How I Met Your Mother.  I”m pretty sure I made the right choice.

Thursday afternoon I made it to the gym and ellipticized for 45 minutes before running a mile and doing abs.  It was kind of miserable.  Even though I am using the elliptical more (like, 300% more than I did a year ago), I still hate it and I still dread the days I have to use it. 

3.  Friday morning I woke up and did a 6 mile run in the secret women’s gym before work.  I felt okay leg-wise, but I was super bloated because the night before I ate this.  By myself. 

blow toad greek pizza

It was really good (besides all the burnt crust pieces). 

After work I negated my run  with baskets of chips, Mexican beers, and finally in a twist of cultures, sushi for dinner.  I almost fell asleep in my sashimi I was so tired.


Luckily (or unluckily), Saturday morning I had to wake up early to set up for the first annual 5k at my school.  (I could definitely have used at least 2 more hours of sleep.)

fun run



It was a HUGE success!  So much work, but the teachers I work with are amazing and dedicated and all the other qualities you’d want in someone who spends the entire day with your kid.   We worked really hard and luckily, everyone left the 5k and carnival happy and full of cotton candy.  One of our students (mine and my PiC) came in first place for the girls and won a brand new bike!  It was really fun to see the look of accomplishment when the kids crossed the finish line, and I’m so glad everyone had fun.   

Anyway, I was also really glad when we left and got to come home and take a nap.  I fell asleep so quickly (and it helped that it was raining… my favorite naptime). 

The rest of the weekend was pure laziness, except for the 7 mile run I had on Sunday.  I had originally planned on only running 5, but I was feeling really good and blasted out the last mile in 6:30.  Amazing.  I’m still a little amazed at how people run faster than that…and keep it up for an entire marathon. 

Did you run any races this weekend? 



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