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My favorite

license plate. 

duke sks


This person must be a UK fan.  Or a UNC.  It doesn’t really matter to me at this point.  I love this license plate.


Enough about my lame obsession. 

Tuesday was rough.  It was especially rough because I wanted to make it my 2 a day for the week.  I got up early and did a painful 2 mile run in the rainforest that has taken over Richmond.  Hello, humidity.  It felt like I was breathing in a gallon of individual water droplets every breath.  I reaaaaaaaaaaallly hope this isn’t any indication of what is to come with summer weather, because if it is, I will never run outside.  Anyway, I got home and did alternating crunches (50) and pushups (10) five times each.  Quick and effective and sweaty. 

After school I headed to the gym to do more running, which was terrible as well.  I had a 4 mile run where I was looking at the clock every second…. I wasn’t comfortable and my legs were not cooperating.  So, I just got through it by thinking of the taco salad that was going to be dinner.  I did another 15 minutes of abs, and called it a day.

And came home and ate taco salad.

The fave and I spent most of the night being sedentary on the couch… him playing on his ipad and me counting down the hours until summer break.  13 days = approximately 84 hours.   I keep dreaming of pool days and it’s helping. 

Plus, only 3 days until I’ll be in Lexington!!! 

Are you into college basketball?  Do you love Duke or hate Duke?


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I love long weekends.

Pretty soon, my life will be one long weekend.

14 days.

3 weeks.

2 SOLs.

1 week until Lexington!


I hope you had a fun and relaxing long weekend (if you were lucky enough to get Monday off).  Thanks to all of those members of the military and their families who have made the ultimate sacrifice to America. 

My weekend was spent in the nation’s capital… except not really.  The fave and I drove up to Alexandria to stay at my mom’s condo for a free-cation.  We drove up Saturday morning and spent an hour or so at the pool… zero clouds + hot weather = paradise. 


Oh yeah…plus that scary looking goldfish that I named Gert after the one we had in college.  That’s actually kind of what Gert looked like..except she had some sort of growth on her head.  It made her look angry, too.

Saturday afternoon I surprised the fave with massages (best gf ever award) at a cute little spa in Old Town which were amazing.  I felt so relaxed and content that I fell asleep for a couple of minutes.  There may or may not have been drool.   My masseuse did something with the muscles in my hip/butt area and I’m still so sore… good sore, but sore.

That night we went to Rays the Steaks to have dinner with some of the fave’s friends.  Being the non food blogger that I am, I didn’t take any pictures.  My steak was amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing.  I had the filet with some sort of mushroom sauce that was delicious.  My only complaint was that the walk in section of the restaurant was like the red headed stepchild of the actual restaurant.  However, it was completely worth it to get a fantastic steak dinner that didn’t cost an entire paycheck. 

Sunday morning we sat outside and had coffee and pretended we were somewhere tropical.

morning coffee


It was exhausting watching that poor man pick up all those tennis balls three times.  It almost made me not want to workout… except then we did, and it was semi terrible.  The gym at the condo consists of 2 twenty year old treadmills (with built in walkman holders) and 1 twenty five year old bike.  After 20 minutes of running (but feeling like it had been 120), we headed upstairs to do a deck of cards workout that included crunches, pushups, triceps dips, and lunges.   My arms were on fire and I never realized how weak I actually am until we got three big numbers in a row for dips. 

I rewarded myself with a few hours at the pool reading and sipping on blue mountains.  Don’t worry, I slathered on a ton of sunscreen because in the fave’s words, “You don’t want to look like an old bag when you’re 40.”  True story.

pool reading

We originally had gone up to Alexandria for a flight lesson for the fave that I had gotten him for Valentine’s Day, but unfortunately it got cancelled due to scheduling conflicts (oh, and it was perfectly beautiful outside too so I’m not bitter), so instead we headed back to Old Town for some shopping and happy hour beers and live music.


I spy with my little eye a VCU art student.  Can’t get away from them!

You know what they say…you can take the art student out of VCU but you can’t take the weird out of the art student.  Bandmates really must like their skinny jeans.  On a 90 degree 100% humidity day.  The thought makes me cringe.

We also spied many, many, many motorcyclists… including this poor woman who had to resort to riding in a sidecar.


I tried to get a better picture but then they saw me and it got awkward. 

After a couple of beers and takeout pizza, I crashed.  I think I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, and I slept like a rock for at least 9 hours (might be a new record during SOL time). 

Yesterday after getting home, I struggled through a 7 mile run.  I don’t know if it was the 1,000 lunges I did yesterday or if I was dehydrated or if it was because my butt was still sore from the massage, but I do know that it was a bit of a struggle.    The past few weeks I’ve been averaging 30 miles/ week so I’m trying to stick to that (or close to it) for now.  I’d really like to run in some races, but there are only 5k’s in the near future around Richmond.  Does anyone know of any other good races?


How did you spend your Memorial Day weekend?

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Awkward Reality TV

Well.  It’s official.  I’m jealous. 

My teacher friends in Lexington are officially DONE.

I still have 3 days of SOLs and 3 weeks with the hooligans. 



The one good thing is that it’s Friday of a 3 day weekend…yes please! 



Except I won’t be at the beach boo.  At least I won’t be at work.


Yesterday was my rest day for the week- I’m getting better at actually taking them lately- and I soaked it up.  My ankle has been bothering me a little bit lately (that ‘it needs to pop’ feeling but never will) so it felt great to just kick back and relax and not do anything. 

That being said, of course I woke up early.  Of course.  But, me trying to take care of my body, I decided to just lie in bed and do nothing.  And then watch a Modern Family. 

This morning I woke up to some loud thumping upstairs (have I ever mentioned how much I hate apartments?) so after cursing for 30 minutes, I got up and headed to the gym.  I forced myself through 6.5 miles, and they seemed like they dragged on forever, even though it really only took me a little over 56 minutes.  It feels good to get that out of the way for the day!

So, right now as I’m writing this I’m watching The Bachelorette from Monday. 

And I’m getting embarrassed.  Ugh, poor Ryan having to dance with her on a stage in front of a bunch of weird strangers while a band is playing for you. 

ryan emily dancing 

I would hate this.  SO much. 

Dear anyone, please never ever ever make me do this. 

Anyway.  In other reality TV news, does anyone else think Teresa on Housewives of NJ is kind of a huge dumbass (more this year than others)?


Way to teach your kid that she has all the power, Teresa.  Now, she’s always going to be right and any adult is going to be wrong.  And she is going to throw tantrums and become the biggest brat ever. 


What is your favorite guilty pleasure reality TV show? 

I have too many to list. 

Housewives, Teen Mom (yep, not ashamed), Bethany…

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______ Things Thursday

1.  You know how much I love license plates in Virginia… well, yesterday when I was license plate stalking on my way to work, I saw…



Hawaii!   Not a great plate, but I mean, it’s here all the way from Hawaii…what do you expect?


2.  Speaking of cars, Tuesday morning on the way home from the gym I spotted this sweet little gesture.



I guess we can look at this one of two ways:

A.  Someone was just being sweet and got his girlfriend flowers, her favorite drink and a nice card telling her how amazing she is and put it all on her car so when she goes to work she has something to smile about….or

B.  Someone really messed up and was trying to make up for it with Gatorade and carnations.  Not going to work if that’s the case.


3.  Speaking of the gym, Tuesday morning I woke up way earlier than normal and headed to body pump with Dru, my bff and the only person in my life who makes me lift weights, ever.   Before body pump I ran a quick mile to get warmed up and headed into the room with a million other 20- 30 something women.  All in lululemon.  Having a fashion show. 

My Old Navy tank did nothing for them.

And body pump did nothing for me, or so I thought… until I woke up Wednesday and could barely move my legs.  So many squats = sore quads/ hammies/ any other leg muscle for days.  

Wednesday when I tried to run it was painful.  I did 6 miles total (2 in the am and 4 in the pm) and felt like I was dragging a$$, which is probably true.


4.  My PiC just got some sweet new running shoes (Mizunos… bright pink…amazing),  and me being the jealous type decided I need some new ones as well.  Unfortunately I’m being stubborn and waiting for Memorial Day sales to snatch up a new pair.

gel kayanos 18

This didn’t stop me from dreaming all about my new shoes… for real.  I had at least 2 different dreams about really awesome new running shoes. 

I am so boring.


5.  Yesterday I got a 114 point word in Words with Friends. 

I’m pretty sure that’s the best I’ve ever done.  I wish I could share with you my joy…again, boring.  I know.


How often do you buy new running shoes?

My last 5 pairs have been exactly the same… soooooo I want to change it up and get a fun color this time.  What do you think of the purple?

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Time for #2

Welp, it’s finally time for our second SOL…. Social Studies.

(Yes, it totally makes sense that 8 year olds need to know the details of Ancient Mali, Rome, and Greece, as well as the exploration of the St. Lawrence River in Canada…)

I want to thank my SOL Secret Santa for this gem and for making my morning.  Venti nonfat misto here I come.

So far you’re two for two on some of my favorite things.  And I love you.  Again.  Sorry if it’s starting to get weird up in here.


Anywho, Monday was pretty uneventful as usual.   Review is my new middle name.  Kathleen Review instead of Kathleen Ruth.  Pretty nice ring to it.   We reviewed  It was super fun asking the same questions in different wordings a million times.

I headed to the gym (still sore from the lunges 2 days ago) and basically forced my body through five miles.  I did 2.5 miles downstairs before heading upstairs to the secret gym to do another 2.5.  I needed a change of scenery to motivate to finish… and since it was half raining half one million percent humidity outside, treadmill won.  5 miles in 43 minutes = check Monday’s workout off the list.

Guess what we found in the door frame this weekend?


Don’t worry, that was on the INSIDE of the glass door….so basically every time the actual front door was open, bees were just chillin in the house. 

Brave fave took a spatula and Raid (sorry to all the ‘go green’ people who read the blog… I’m scared of bees…stop judging, I understand how important they are to the environment) and went to town.  Unfortunately, the bees must have built up a tolerance to Raid ant killer, and they weren’t budging.  Even after we got rid of the hive, they stuck around to enjoy the view. 

It kind of reminded me of My Girl and poor little Kevin MacCallister’s character. Sad.  😦

Annnnnnnnnnd yesterday there was still one lonely bee waiting to say hello on the door frame.

They don’t ever want to leave.  Ever.  I need suggestions and help.


How can I get rid of bees without getting stung?

Does a change of scenery ever help your workouts? 

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Why can’t weekends be one day longer?

I think I’d feel much better about life if I had just one more day to get things done on the weekends.   Or relax.


4 weeks of school left!

3 SOL’s left (SS this Tuesday)

2 weeks until Lexington visit

1 more year in the books


The weekend, as usual, went by way too quickly.  It was a busy weekend, but I feel like I didn’t get anything done.  One thing I did do is sleep nearly 11 hours on Friday night and 10 hours Saturday night.  Total win.  Almost makes up for the lack of sleep I seem to be getting during the week.

Saturday morning I talked the fave into heading to the local Farmer’s Market (you know- let’s be domestic and do ‘Saturday things).  What typically would be a ten minute drive turned into at least 45 because of road closures, accidents and freeway entrances.  So, by the time we got there the market was wrapping up (oh, and we didn’t have time to stop for cash so we had about $11 between the two of us) so we got some homemade breakfast burritos (there goes $10) and called it a morning.  I doubt a dollar would have gotten us anything… perhaps a radish. 

The rest of the day was spent running errands and spending some quality time at the gym. 

I’ve decided that when I look into the mirror at my butt I do not like what I see.  I’ve always had a bubble butt… buuuuuuuut lately it seems like gravity has finally taken over.  I thought I might be able to get to 30 without it happening, but no dice.  Apparently running a million miles does nothing to keeping cellulite off your backside either, so Saturday after some cardio I did a few leg machines plus 30 backwards lunges per leg and 30 squats to work those muscles that never get attention.  I am still hurting.  Still.hurting. 


Sunday’s workout was much like last week’s workout- 4 miles outside before heading to the gym and completing 5 more miles.  My legs were killing from the five seconds of lunges I did the day before so I felt like I was moving fairly slowly, but my miles were all about 8:30 min/miles.  My goal for my last mile was to run faster than all the others (not just to go fast but to be finished) so I managed a 7:00 min/mile for the 9th.  Total- 9 miles in about 74 minutes. 

After the run my stomach decided to disconnect itself from my body for about an hour, but whatever.   I’m getting used to it I guess.

When I was able to eat I was starving for the rest of the afternoon.  I snacked on everything from carrots to cabbage to cereal to chocolate milk (all c’s!)…and I wasn’t full.  Unfortunately the fave put the kibosh on my favorite pizza for dinner so I was trying my hardest to stay healthy and not eat a million calories while catching up on trashy Bravo shows. 

Typical Sunday night. 

Did you have a productive weekend?

We had planned on going to Riverrock downtown but it never happened.  After errands and cleaning and all the adult stuff that I spent the day doing, I couldn’t get off the couch.  You’d think 11 hours of sleep the night before would fix that… buuuuuuuuut no.

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Brian Regan

Last night, the fave and I headed downtown to the Carpenter Theater to see comedian Brian Regan (he’s performed on David Letterman a few times).  Carpenter Theater is really old (built in 1928) and used to be a Loew’s movie theater (which I just now found out by googling).  After being closed for a few years, it reopened in 1983 as a center for performing arts.  (I act like I knew all this stuff before five minutes ago, but I didn’t.) 

Why do you care?

Let’s be honest, you probably don’t care at all, but if you’ve never been—and you live in Richmond—you should go.  It’s beautiful and I tried to get good pictures (adding to the embarrassment of the people around me) but they didn’t  turn out at all…sooooooooooo here’s a couple from a Google.

carpeneter theater


Anyway, the theater is beautiful and there really isn’t a bad seat in the house. 

We went with friends Dru and Toast, and to be honest, since I had never heard of Brian Reegan before last week, I was a little skeptical.  I don’t want to sound like a comedy show snob, but the only people I’ve ever seen perform are Jerry Seinfeld and Tosh.O.  I go big. 

**Thanks Dru and Toast for the tickets!  So fun!**

brian reegan dru toast

brian reegan us


I also was a little skeptical when we walked in and saw kids everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.  So, unless everyone there couldn’t get a babysitter or are terrible parents, it must be a clean show. 

And it was.

But it was hilarious.  So funny, and not a bad word or crude joke in the house.

The guy that opened for Brian wasn’t  I don’t remember his name but I’d never recommend going to see him…. he talked with a weird inflection at the end of his sentences like he was fading out his voice and asking a question.  After he did it 32 times, it wasn’t funny.

Brian was hilarious- his jokes were clean and humorous, but his actions and facial expressions really sold the show.  I am pretty sure I snorted at least once, and I didn’t stop smiling the entire time.  He stayed on stage forever too, and even did an encore. 

Here are a few of youtube videos in case you’re interested.




It was a really fun night, and besides the worst service ever (plus probably a little spit in our food) at dinner, I had a blast. 

So much of a blast that it was reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally difficult to get up this morning and get my Friday workout in. Let’s just say my head and my body were not happy at 5:30am when my alarm went off.

My legs felt like lead and my lungs felt like I was running through inches of smog every second.  Whatever, I actually got up so that’s something, right?  6 miles down in the am, 2 in the pm (lungs wanted to quit their job at this point), so total 8 miles at about an 8:50 pace for the day.  Not terrible, not amazing, and not weight lifting but it will make up for the wine I’m planning on drinking tonight.

Have you gone to any comedy shows?  Comedy clubs?


Any big plans for the weekend?

My plans include wine, Dominion Riverrock, and sleeping past 7.  I hope.

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