Guard Dog

Yesterday morning I made it to the gym and ran 5 uneventful miles.  I really have nothing to say except that they were SO boring.   I kept looking at my minutes tick by and it was painful.  p.a.i.n.f.u.l. 

It seemed like it took forever. 

I glanced up at CNN (taking a break from Jack Bauer getting into yet another sticky situation) and almost fell off my treadmill… so cute. 


Aaaaaaaaaaaand this is why I want a dog.  To lock up the bike I don’t have and ride around with me with a cute little smile. 

Derby is the worst. 

the worst

Look at her.   She’s not riding a bike with me anytime soon.

Anyway, at school last night I stayed to help with dia de los ninos, a  celebration honoring children and their importance in society that promotes literacy.  

dia de los ninos

Besides seeing all the smiling faces, doing crafts, blah blah blah, the best part was the food.  Homemade taquitos, bean salsa and Spanish rice.  SO good.  And that white stuff- some sort of homemade sour cream or something- delicious.

dia food 

Since his life would suck without me (I made him repeat that at least twice), I brought the fave a few leftover taquitos for a late dinner.  I’m pretty sure he told me “I’ll take back all the mean things I said about you today.”  Sweet, sweet boyfriend.

Just looking at that picture makes my mouth water.


Enough about food. 

Today I’m looking forward to my afternoon happy hour.  Why am I already thinking about the ice cold beer in my future?  Because going on a field trip to a museum an hour and a half away with crazy (and sometimes misbehaving) third graders wears me out.  Especially on a 90 degree day.  Especially to a museum where I can envision this happening.

full house museum

Have you ever been to the Living Museum in Newport News?  This is my first trip there… and like any good teacher I’m going to try and farm out my kids to the chaperones.  Just kidding 🙂



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2 responses to “Guard Dog

  1. Ha that pic from Full House at the end is hilarious. Yes, you deserve a few cold beers tonight after herding kittens-I mean chaperoning 3rd graders.

  2. Michelle

    Va Living Museum is awesome! We’ve been a couple times and each year the bus is dead silent on the way back b/c the kids are all asleep! It can be a little crazy as they get a little excited and tend to move a little quickly through the museum. give each group a mission to find three specific facts that have to be found in different places (outside, inside, classroom) and then have them report back. You can get questions from the teacher packet they email you. You’ll love it!

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